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100 Magical Items of Varying Utility

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100 original magic items, many of which are barely useful, though some might inspire mighty quests to retrieve them!

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Roll Name Type Description
1 Accident Rod Rod Hitting this rod against a metal object will cause someone within earshot to have an accident, probably fatal. After being struck, the rod will continue to softly vibrate and may not be used again for d12 hours
2 Aging Elixir Potion Age 1d10 years
3 Amulet of Freedom Amulet Stuffed Eagle Head, Negates all movement impairing effects for 1 round, including grapples and over-encumbrance, 50 charges
4 Ancient Spade Shovel This shovel can dig through any natural substance as if it were mere dirt. It’s magical properties cannot be used as a weapon
5 Arrival Pot Pot A 1 foot tall ceramic pot that will make a loud announcement when something moves too close it it. Usually used to announce visitors to a household.
6 Arrow Magnet Amulet Whenever an arrow is fired in the vicinity of this amulet’s wearer, it will strike the amulet wearer
7 Bear Urine Extract Potion Morph into a bear for d20 minutes, transformation potentially fatal
8 Bell Stone Rock When struck, this rock will ring with the sound of a large bell
9 Blessed Lotion Lotion AC +2 for one day, +4 vs Undead
10 Blink Draught Potion Teleport to a location within line of sight and no more than 30’ away
11 Blistering Rod Rod Hitting this rod against a metal object will cause it to become very hot, possibly molten. If a creature wearing mundane armor is struck by this rod he will take 6 dmg and his armor will be destroyed. After being struck, the rod will continue to softly vibrate and may not be used again for d12 hours
12 Brightstone Gem This gem normally looks like quartz, but if left out in the sun for one day turns yellow like a topaz. Smacking it against something creates a blinding light and drains it of color.
13 Canine’s Drink Potion When fed to a dog it gains 2d6+2 temp HP and deals 2d6 dmg for 1 day
14 Caretaker’s Harp Harp Full sized harp. Reduces severity of travel encounters, but must be played constantly to have any effect
15 Cats’ Cube Box 2 item slots, appears empty if opened improperly
16 Climbing Tonic Potion Climbing skill set to 20 and fall damage reduced to 0 for 1 day
17 Color Bomb Potion Smash on the ground to release a large amount of swirling, colorful smoke. Anyone who sees the smoke is mesmerized by it for d4 rounds
18 Compulsive Whip Whip Any person whipped by this whip must follow the commands of its wielder for the next 5 minutes, so long as the victim is in the wielder’s line of sight. The victim takes 2 damage with each whipping
19 Confiding Pillow Pillow Will whisper secrets it its owner during the night
20 Crab Crown Crown Provides +2 AC when worn, but attracts the attention of crabs, who will come from nearby and cling to the wearer
21 Dagger of Lizard Control Dagger Functions as a normal dagger, but wielder may issue basic commands to small lizards
22 Dental Fife Fife Playing this fife also cleans the user’s teeth
23 Destroying Rod Rod Hitting this rod against a metal object, the nearest artificial structure will take massive damage, possibly destroying it entirely. After being struck, the rod will continue to softly vibrate and may not be used again for d12 hours
24 Device of Hatefulness Device Activating this device will cause all enemies present to prefer to target the device holder
25 Direction Staff Staff This walking stick ensures that whoever holds it instinctively knows which direction North lies
26 Drawing Rod Rod Hitting this rod against a metal object will compel any mortal or beast who hears the sounding of the rod to come to the area. After being struck, the rod will continue to softly vibrate and may not be used again for d12 hours
27 Druid’s Flute Flute Can mimic the call of six animals: Wolf, Wild Boar, Bear, Alligator, Eagle and Moose
28 Elusive Lantern Lantern The light from this lantern can only be seen by its carrier
29 Emergency Blade Dagger Once per day, when the owner of this dagger is attacked, the dagger will leap to its owner’s hand and slice the attacker for 3 DMG, interrupting the attack entirely
30 Energetic Goblet Goblet Drinking the entire contents of this goblet will afford +1 to the drinker’s next roll. May be refilled as a full action
31 Everburning Candle Candle This candle will never burn out, so it will always produce light
32 Extinguishing Tonic Potion Pour on ground to extinguish all fire, magical or otherwise, in a 50’ radius
33 Far-Flung Violin Violin When played, this violin can be clearly heard for several miles in all directions, but sounds as if it were merely across the room
34 Faucet Cloth Damp Rag Can be wrung out infinitely to produce foul tasting water
35 Firestone Gem This gem normally looks like quartz, but if allowed to absorb heat will change in color to resemble a bright orange garnet. When smashed against something, it is drained of color and will light that thing on fire.
36 Flaming Trumpet Trumpet When played, 1 in 6 chance to start a small fire in target area up to 15′ away
37 Gilded Throwing Knife Knife For every killing blow this knife lands, whoever has it on their person gains +1 to Dexterity. Resets at sunrise
38 Glowing Dart Dart Thrown. When it strikes a surface it glows with green light, illuminating a 10 foot area. may be collected and re-used
39 God Chime Small item Ringing this chime casts detect magic on the user
40 Gold Trimmed Scarf Mantle Wearing this scarf gives the character +5 to his max hit points.
41 Helpless Bandage Bandage A person bandaged with this item will be unable to do anything for themselves and will rely on others for everything. They will not remove the bandage until the wound is healed.
42 Ice Pipe Smoking Pipe When smoking this pipe, any smoke exhaled will be of sub zero temperature. It will deal d4 dmg to a living target.
43 Ill-Fated Necklace Necklace The wearer of this necklace has a general feeling that he is safe. The opposite is, in fact, the case. Any time something bad happens to the group, the wearer of this necklace bears the brunt of the misfortune
44 Ill-Fated Vest Vest The wearer of this vest will suffer critical failures on a natural d20 roll of 1-5
45 Imitative Deck Of Cards Deck of Cards Placing this deck of cards next to a mundane deck of cards will “attune” the Imitative deck to the mundane one. Whenever the mundane deck is shuffled, the imitative deck will match the new order of the mundane one. Used for cheating at cards.
46 Imitative Rope Rope 50′ of rope which can be controlled by simple hand gestures from its owner
47 Infernal Chain Mail Chainmail Reduces fire damage by d20 every time it is taken
48 Ink Quartz Rock Functions as an ink pot. To activate, press a long object tip first against the stone and the tip will be immediately covered in ink
49 Insect’s Brooch Jewelry Biting and stinging insects have a 75% chance to ignore you
50 Iron Ring Ring Any item held in the hand wearing this ring will function as an iron dagger
51 Judge Coin Coin If this coin is flipped to determine a dispute between two people, both parties will be forever bound by the outcome
52 Just Cauldron Cauldron A living creature who is boiled alive in this cauldron will either expire normally or will emerge unharmed. This is a test of that person’s guilt where a specific crime is concerned
53 Lake Paper Paper Whatever is written on this paper will only become visible if submerged in a lake or other large body of water
54 Lightning Beads Bead Ten beads. When thrown, a lightning bolt will erupt from the bead, hitting the closest object for d20 dmg
55 Lock Lotion Potion Rub into a non-magical lock to unlock
56 Looting Mask Mask Increases the value of any loot found, as well as the number of coins. Anyone found to possess it is immediately accused of a crime
57 Mortal Ladle Ladle Drinking the blood of a slain foe from this ladle will restore 4 HP
58 Muddled Mirror Hand Mirror This mirror is sentient and will attempt to show glimpses of anything its owner commands it to show, but it is easily flustered and is usually incapable of showing what it is commanded to. Only through severe beration and ridicule will it be able to muster the energy to show what it was commanded to show
59 Murmuring Mixture Potion May use own voice as source of limited telekinesis for 1 day (1 lb of force)
60 Noble Blouse Blouse The wearer of this blouse will, to all appearances, be of high birth and will be afforded the respect a noblewoman deserves. This includes the negative attention of rebels, dissenters, thieves, and other petty nobles demanding to know what house the wearer belongs to.
61 Notched Dagger Dagger If thrown, this dagger will never miss its target, dealing d4 damage and ignoring all armor
62 Octopoid Tunic Chestpiece When the wearer of this tunic submerges himself under water he quickly transforms into an octopus
63 Odious Kite Kite if this kite is flown, the area (and people) beneath is will be blighted with pustual growths
64 Onion Hoe Tool Wherever this hoe strikes soil, a buried onion will be revealed. Creates the onion from an equivalent mass of dirt.
65 Perpetual Rotating Disaster Top If this top is set spinning it will never stop on its own. As long as it spins, everyone nearby will be much more likely to suffer an accident of some sort [Critical failures on a d20 roll of 1-10]
66 Poison Fork Fork Any food eaten with this fork will be laden with poison
67 Poisonous Door Door This normal looking wooden door will poison anyone who attempt to open it without a key
68 Potion of Brief Invisibility Potion d2+1 rounds of invisibility
69 Potion of Sanity Potion Removes one instance of insanity or causes insanity if no insanity is present
70 Potion of the Angry Priest Potion Cleric may prepare +1 spell. Lasts 1 day
71 Rain Jug Jug This jug is 12 inches tall. However much liquid the jug is filled with will rain down across an area several miles wide over the next 12 hours. For example, if it has 4 inches of water in it, the area will receive 4 inches of rain, which would probably cause some flooding. If the jar is left empty, no rain will fall.
72 Record Club Club The names of all those killed by this club are magically inscribed into its surface, as is the name of the one who wielded it at the time of the killing
73 Religious Net Net This net will only ensnare those who do not follow a god, all others may easily disentangle themselves
74 Riveting Rod Rod Hitting this rod against a metal object will cause anyone who hears the sounding of the rod to freeze in place for 2 rounds. After being struck, the rod will continue to softly vibrate and may not be used again for d12 hours
75 Runed Arrow Arrow If it hits, target’s AC is reduced to 12 for duration of battle. Either way, arrow is destroyed
76 Sand Crown Crown When used (worn), this seemingly golden crown turns to sand and falls to the ground where it reforms into a crown. Any gold, silver, or copper item it is placed near will also gain this property. A coin would only turn to sand when it was being used (spent), etc.
77 Sarcastic Basket Basket This basket will make sarcastic remarks whenever it feels like it
78 Screamers’ Potion Potion Voice acts as a minor action ranged weapon of d6 dmg for 1 day
79 Shadowless Salve Lotion Shadow disappears for d4 days
80 Shell Paste Lotion Grow an exoskeleton for 1 hour, increasing AC by +1
81 Shield Kettle Kettle Drinking tea made with this kettle will grant the drinker +1 AC. The tea must be made with wormrose essence and the kettle will make 6 servings.
82 Shielding Orb Orb Floats around user’s head and completely blocks mundane ranged attacks which would have hit. Must decide before damage is rolled. Does not affect area attacks. Destroyed after 3 uses, but may be repaired by a blacksmith if taken in after only 2 uses
83 Shrimp Hatchet Hatchet A 1 inch long hatchet that packs the same punch as a hatchet of standard size
84 Signal Jewel Gem A pair of gems that can appear to be Amber, Emerald, or Ruby. Whoever holds one jewel can at any time change the color of the other jewel.
85 Sky Vest Clothing This vest will change color, predicting the weather for the next few hours
86 Sleeping Powder Powder Allows user to fall asleep under any circumstances, but only if they wish to. 10 doses
87 Soup Armor Chestpiece Any blood spilled from its wearer will not be blood at all, but delicious soup. It still hurts, though
88 Squalid Pouch Pouch Filled with an infinite amount of filth and ichor
89 Stink Juice Potion Smash on ground to cause a major distraction
90 Terror Rod Rod Hitting this rod against a metal object will cause anyone who hears the sounding of the rod to either flee or cower in terror for 1 round. After being struck, the rod will continue to softly vibrate and may not be used again for d12 hours
91 Titans’ Elixir Potion Restores d6+1 HP plus d6+1 Temporary HP
92 Tool Drum Drum This drum can be used in place of any basic tool. If it is played for an appropriate length of time the task requiring the tool will complete itself. The more difficult the task, the longer the drum must be played, starting at 1 minute. The player of the drum must have the ability to complete the task if he had the appropriate tool.
93 Trail Lute Lute If this lute is played by a skilled musician, he (an only he) will see a glowing trail appear, which leads to the subject of his song. If he stops playing the trail will vanish
94 Transgender Tincture Potion Change sex for 1d4 months
95 Treacherous Rope Rope Appears to be normal rope, but if used for climbing it will inevitably uncoil, plunging its user to his death
96 Troll Leather Armor Armor As chainmail, unencumbering
97 Waterstone Gem This gem normally looks like quartz, but if allowed to absorb water will change color to resemble a deep blue sapphire. When clasped against one’s chest, it is drained of color and will restore 3 HP. It must drink enough water for a medium humanoid to charge and can only be used once a day.
98 Whore Bracelet Bracelet This bracelet marks its wearer out as a prostitute, but also increases Charisma by +2
99 Worm Amulets Amulet A pair of amulets which must be worn by two separate people. If one of the wearers is killed, he will instead be spared and the other wearer of the amulet will die in his place
100 Yellow Shield Shield Shield +2, Emblazoned with the yellow sign, unknown curse [Once per session PC must succeed wisdom check or GM controls their character for one round]

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  1. This list is incredible! I’m a first time DM, and I have been scouring the net for something like this. Most item lists are purely weapons, or super specific. These are creative, useful, and super weird. Great work!


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