Progress and New Ideas

Good news everyone! I’m going to start updating this site again!

My commission is going extremely well. It has blossomed into an incredible set of generators and I am proud to say it is the best thing I have ever created.

That’s great and everything, but I really miss posting here, so I am going to split my efforts and update this blog once every 2 weeks at minimum.

In other exciting news, I will be launching a kickstarter in the next few months! It’s in support of a card game I have developed over the past year and it is going to kick ass.

So get ready, everyone. I’m going to make 2017 my most productive year yet.



A Commission!

Hey all, sorry for the lack of updates lately! I was recently commissioned to work on an tabletop RPG project called Across the Stars. It’s a mix of Star Trek, No Man’s Sky, and Dune, and I am in charge of making a whole slew of generators which will procedurally generate the universe as players explore it. It’s a very exciting project and will take a LOT of work to complete, but as soon as I am finished I will get back to posting my generators on my blog.

Talk to you soon!

So Many New PDFs

Hey everyone, I’ve been churning out PDFs and posting them to over the past week. I’m only going to post on the various RPG subreddits once per week about my stuff (I don’t want to spam everyone!), so I’ll be highlighting different PDFs as time goes by.

For now you can check out what I have available by clicking here.

More Free PDFs!

Here are a couple more free (pay-what-you-want) PDFs via Check them out on the side-bar or click the links below:

Mundane Loot Tables By Wealth Level (Fantasy)

Mudstead – City Map and NPCs

Free PDFs of My Stuff!

Hey everyone, I’m now offering free (pay-what-you-want) PDFs of some of my posts here via I only have one ready for you at the moment but more will be coming soon! Check them out on the side-bar or click the link below:

100 Spooky Yet Mundane Dungeon Encounters (Fantasy)