PDF Downloads

Here’s a list of ALL of my PDFs. I will generally post a PDF as “Pay-What-You-Want” for a week or so, and then move it into the “Reasonably Priced” category after that. 90% of the content of these PDFs has been posted on my blog in the past and remains available, so if you don’t want to download anything, you can browse my posts. If, on the other hand, you are looking for some high quality, printable PDFs, see below!

Reasonably Priced PDFs

Item Generation Pack – Fantasy [BUNDLE]

Encounter Generator Pack – Fantasy [BUNDLE]

Mission Generator Pack [BUNDLE]


FREE (pay-what-you-want) PDFs

300 Descriptive Adjectives For Dungeons and Items

Area/Building and Room Generator

300 Mundane Items and Objects

100 Magical Items of Varying Utility

20 Real Diseases and Their Effects

3:16 (Three Sixteen) Player Tokens

Planet Generator

100 Spooky Yet Mundane Dungeon Encounters (Fantasy)

Mundane Loot Tables By Wealth Level (Fantasy)

Mudstead – City Map and NPCs

Military Mission Generator

Weird Shit Generator (Fantasy)

Espionage Mission Generator

Encounter Generator – Wilderness (Fantasy)

Encounter Generator – Civilized Countryside (Fantasy)

Encounter Generator – Urban, Rough (Fantasy)

Encounter Generator – Urban, Safe (Fantasy)


Unreasonably Priced PDFs

1001 Red Herrings to Confuse and Confound