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The Pantheon (Gods & Clerics)

I created a pantheon of gods a while ago for a Tabletop RPG I was working on. I haven’t done much with the game, but I liked the gods I came up with, so I thought I would share them. I’ve also included potential traits for the clerics who worship these gods. I would pick one or two personality traits instead of using all of them, though!

BONUS: There are 8 personality traits available for each god’s clerics, so roll a d8 for a random result.

Jorac, Ruler of the Gods [jor-ac]

Race Sired: Humans
Primary Domains: Empires and Punishment
Secondary Domains: Battle Strategy, Hearth, Home, Chastity, Marriage, Heirs
Cleric Personality Traits: Domineering, Dutiful, Power-Hungry, Clever, Conformist, Vengeful, Arrogant, Racist
Cleric Physical Features: Tall, Attractive and Charming
Cleric Mechanical Changes: Natural leader, Charisma increased
Notes: Only humans may worship Jorac. He is a pretty racist god.

Teorn, God of the Underworld [tay-orn]

Race Sired: Dwarves
Primary Domains: The Dead, the Arts and Construction
Secondary Domains: Regret, Crafts, Peace, Music, Dark Places, The Light
Cleric Personality Traits: Protective, Virtuous, Adaptive, Musical, Trustworthy, Sincere, Pacifistic, Honest
Cleric Physical Features: Short and Muscular
Cleric Mechanical Changes: Saving throws improved
Notes: Teorn is imprisoned in the center of the planet for making the first non-human race, starting a trend which Jorac hates.

Yneris, Wife of Jorac, Goddess of the Road [eye-nayr-is]

Race Sired: Elves
Primary Domains: Knowledge and Trade
Secondary Domains: Travel, Communication, Language, Writing, Wisdom, Intelligence
Cleric Personality Traits: Empathetic, Proper, Tolerant, Self-Involved, Naive, Greedy, Intelligent, Elitist
Cleric Physical Features: Tall and Lithe
Cleric Mechanical Changes: Better trade deals. Good at learning secrets

Vylvi, Goddess of the Sea [vil-vee]

Race Sired: Merfolk
Primary Domains: The Sea, Weather and Love
Secondary Domains: Rivers, Floods, Droughts, Sky, Thunder, Lightning, Wind, Beauty
Cleric Personality Traits: Fierce, Altruistic, Predatory, Flashy, Casually Violent, Tactless, Soothing, Temperamental
Cleric Physical Features: Entirely Hairless, Intimidatingly Beautiful, and covered in tattoos
Cleric Mechanical Changes: Cannot drown. Is less likely to be targeted in combat
Notes: The tattoos appear on their own and may change as time goes on

Hycinis, God of Nature [high-sin-us]

Race Sired: Halflings
Primary Domains: The Harvest, the Hunt and Gossip
Secondary Domains: Grain, Agriculture, Growth, Nourishment, Animals, Archery
Cleric Personality Traits: Nurturing, Cautious, Compassionate, Formal, Judgemental, Vindictive, Small-Minded, Nosy
Cleric Physical Features: Short and Heavyset
Cleric Mechanical Changes: Natural healing twice as fast

Fane, God of War [fay-n]

Race Sired: Orcs
Primary Domains: War, Metalworking and Poetry
Secondary Domains: Bloodshed, Violence, Fire, Prophecy
Cleric Personality Traits: Cruel, Malicious, Destructive, Poetic, Honorable, Meticulous, Simple, Vainglorious
Cleric Physical Features: Muscled and Hairy
Cleric Mechanical Changes: Crafting yields better results. Natural armor +1

Heusius, God of Healing [hue-see-us]

Race Sired: Monsters (all of ’em)
Primary Domains: Madness, Lust and Healing
Secondary Domains: Plague, Childbirth, Desire, Jealousy, Chaos
Cleric Personality Traits: Mischievous, Lustful, Treacherous, Deranged, Jealous, Self-Loathing, Daredevil, Chaotic
Cleric Physical Features: Deformed in some way
Cleric Mechanical Changes: Max HP increased
Notes: He created monsters by getting it on with various animals / beings

Astala Goddess of Contradictions [ass-tal-uh]

Race Sired: Nymphs and Satyrs
Primary Domains: Order and Drunkenness
Secondary Domains: Contradictions, Law, Justice, Wilderness, Wine, Parties, Drugs, Ecstasy
Cleric Personality Traits: Dutiful, Amoral, Drunken, Obsessive, Protective, Fanatical, Just, Promiscuous
Cleric Physical Features: Very Attractive, Brilliant Gold Eyes
Cleric Mechanical Changes: Guards and criminals are more trusting