A Random Table for a Tabletop RPG

Espionage Mission Generator

Espionage-Mission-Generator-CoverThis post is available for FREE (pay-what-you-want) as a high-quality PDF – CLICK HERE

This generator will work in any setting / genre in which an espionage mission is called for. It’s results are vague enough that you can easily supply your own details to fit your world, but specific enough that you don’t have to come up with everything yourself. The below “mad-libs” style sentence will help you understand your random results. Whenever you see a [bold] word in the sentence, it refers to the random table of the same name. All you have to do is roll on that table and insert the result into the sentence at that point!

The mission is to [Mission] via [Method] in [Locale]. Resistance will come from [Enemy], but an ally can be found in [Ally]. Potential Intelligence can be uncovered via [Intelligence Source], revealing [Intelligence]. Completion of this mission will result in the gain of [Reward]. Possible Twists and Turns include: [Twists and Turns].

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Roll a d2. One a 1, the mission is Offensive, on a 2 it is Defensive. e.g. if “Rescue Target” is rolled Offensively, the PCs want the target to be rescued, but if it is rolled Defensively, the PCs must prevent a target from being rescued.

Result Roll (d2, then d12)
Turn Enemies 1
Implicate Enemies 2
Plant Intelligence 3
Gather Intelligence 4
Silence Witnesses 5
Steal/Destroy Supplies 6
Kidnap or Kill Target 7
Rescue Target 8
Uncover Traitors 9
Cause Chaos 10
Deliver Intelligence 11
Reconnaissance 12


Result Roll (d100)
Infiltration 1-35
Socializing 36-60
Investigation 61-85
Escorting a Target 86-95
a Direct Assault 96-100


Result Roll (d100)
a City 1-35
a Town 36-60
the Civilized Countryside 61-80
the Wilderness 81-85
a Fort 86-90
an Estate 91-95
a Ship 96-100


Result Roll (d100)
Regular Military 1-35
Mercenaries 36-55
Civic Leader 56-70
Loyalist Civilians 71-85
Deserters 86-90
Rebel Military 91-95
Counter-Spies 96-100


Result Roll (d100)
[Roll on Civilian Table] 1-60
Regular Soldier 61-70
Rebel Soldier 71-80
Criminal 81-90
Mercenary 91-100

Intelligence Source

Result Roll (d100)
Interrogation 1-25
Reconnaissance 26-45
a Journal Entry 46-60
a Refugee 61-75
a Personal Letter 76-85
Sealed Orders 86-95
a Traitor 96-100


Result Roll (d100)
Troop Details 1-25
Enemy Orders 26-45
Supply Details 46-65
Damning Documents 66-80
Grand Strategy 81-90
a Cypher 91-95
Spy Network Info 96-100


Result Roll (d100)
a Cache of Supplies 1-15
Rebellion Influence 16-30
Enchantments 31-45
a Magical Item 46-60
Recruits 61-75
Officer Information 76-90
a Unique Item 91-95
NPC Rumors 96-100

Twists and Turns

Result Roll (d100)
Ambush 1-3
Another Enemy, hostile to all, appears 4-6
Assemble and/or train a force to help 7-9
Bad intelligence 10-12
Commander KIA 13-15
Conflicting orders from two superiors 16-18
Cowardice 19-21
Enemy’s cause is sympathetic 22-24
False Flag Operation 25-27
Family in danger 28-30
Greed 31-33
Local militia helps or hinders 33-36
Midway through, PCs are replaced 37-39
Mistaken Identity 40-42
No collateral damage allowed 43-45
Personal Rivalry 46-48
Red Herring 49-51
Reinforcements 52-54
Revenge 55-57
Sickness 58-60
Stranded 63-66
Supplies sabotaged 67-69
Terrible weather 70-72
The enemy can’t be beaten directly 73-75
The goal has moved 76-78
Must be done without alerting anyone 79-81
PCs and ally have conflicting orders 82-84
Traitor 85-87
Traps 88-90
Two bad things, only one can be stopped 91-93
Unwanted Ally 94-96
Urgent new mission arises 97-99


Result Roll (d100)
Accountant 1
Acrobat 2
Actor 3
Animal Trainer 4
Apothecary 5
Arbiter 6
Armorer 7
Artist 8
Baker 9
Barber 10
Beekeeper 11
Begger 12
Blacksmith 13
Brewer 14
Butcher 15
Candlemaker 16
Carpenter 17
Cartographer 18
Charcoalmaker 19
Cheesemaker 20
Chimney Sweep 21
City Official 22
Clergyman 23
Cook 24
Courtesan 25
Crier 26
Dancer 27
Diplomat 28
Dockmaster 29
Dockworker 30
Doctor 31
Driver 32
Duelist 33
Executioner 34
Falconer 35
Farmer 36
Farmhand 37
Fence 38
Fisherman 39
Forester 40
Fortuneteller 41
Fugitive 42
Gardener 43
Glassblower 44
Gravedigger 45
Guardsman 46
Healer 47
Herbalist 48
Herder 49
Horsebreeder 50
Houndsman 51
Hunter 52
Jailor 53
Jeweler 54
Laborer 55
Lawyer 56
Leatherworker 57
Librarian 58
Locksmith 59
Maid 60
Mason 61
Mercenary 62
Merchant 63
Midwife 64
Military Officer 65
Military Scout 66
Miner 67
Missionary 68
Moneylender 69
Musician 70
Naturalist 71
Painter 72
Perfumemaker 73
Preacher 74
Prostitute 75
Quack Doctor 76
Sailor 77
Scholar 78
Scientist 79
Scribe 80
Servant 81
Shepherd 82
Ship Captain 83
Shipwright 84
Shopkeeper 85
Smuggler 86
Soldier 87
Squire 88
Stableman 89
Tattoist 90
Tavern Wench 91
Tavernkeeper 92
Tax Collector 93
Taxidermist 94
Teacher 95
Torturer 96
Treasure Hunter 97
Vermincatcher 98
Weaponsmith 99
Woodsman 100


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The Pantheon (Gods & Clerics)

I created a pantheon of gods a while ago for a Tabletop RPG I was working on. I haven’t done much with the game, but I liked the gods I came up with, so I thought I would share them. I’ve also included potential traits for the clerics who worship these gods. I would pick one or two personality traits instead of using all of them, though!

BONUS: There are 8 personality traits available for each god’s clerics, so roll a d8 for a random result.

Jorac, Ruler of the Gods [jor-ac]

Race Sired: Humans
Primary Domains: Empires and Punishment
Secondary Domains: Battle Strategy, Hearth, Home, Chastity, Marriage, Heirs
Cleric Personality Traits: Domineering, Dutiful, Power-Hungry, Clever, Conformist, Vengeful, Arrogant, Racist
Cleric Physical Features: Tall, Attractive and Charming
Cleric Mechanical Changes: Natural leader, Charisma increased
Notes: Only humans may worship Jorac. He is a pretty racist god.

Teorn, God of the Underworld [tay-orn]

Race Sired: Dwarves
Primary Domains: The Dead, the Arts and Construction
Secondary Domains: Regret, Crafts, Peace, Music, Dark Places, The Light
Cleric Personality Traits: Protective, Virtuous, Adaptive, Musical, Trustworthy, Sincere, Pacifistic, Honest
Cleric Physical Features: Short and Muscular
Cleric Mechanical Changes: Saving throws improved
Notes: Teorn is imprisoned in the center of the planet for making the first non-human race, starting a trend which Jorac hates.

Yneris, Wife of Jorac, Goddess of the Road [eye-nayr-is]

Race Sired: Elves
Primary Domains: Knowledge and Trade
Secondary Domains: Travel, Communication, Language, Writing, Wisdom, Intelligence
Cleric Personality Traits: Empathetic, Proper, Tolerant, Self-Involved, Naive, Greedy, Intelligent, Elitist
Cleric Physical Features: Tall and Lithe
Cleric Mechanical Changes: Better trade deals. Good at learning secrets

Vylvi, Goddess of the Sea [vil-vee]

Race Sired: Merfolk
Primary Domains: The Sea, Weather and Love
Secondary Domains: Rivers, Floods, Droughts, Sky, Thunder, Lightning, Wind, Beauty
Cleric Personality Traits: Fierce, Altruistic, Predatory, Flashy, Casually Violent, Tactless, Soothing, Temperamental
Cleric Physical Features: Entirely Hairless, Intimidatingly Beautiful, and covered in tattoos
Cleric Mechanical Changes: Cannot drown. Is less likely to be targeted in combat
Notes: The tattoos appear on their own and may change as time goes on

Hycinis, God of Nature [high-sin-us]

Race Sired: Halflings
Primary Domains: The Harvest, the Hunt and Gossip
Secondary Domains: Grain, Agriculture, Growth, Nourishment, Animals, Archery
Cleric Personality Traits: Nurturing, Cautious, Compassionate, Formal, Judgemental, Vindictive, Small-Minded, Nosy
Cleric Physical Features: Short and Heavyset
Cleric Mechanical Changes: Natural healing twice as fast

Fane, God of War [fay-n]

Race Sired: Orcs
Primary Domains: War, Metalworking and Poetry
Secondary Domains: Bloodshed, Violence, Fire, Prophecy
Cleric Personality Traits: Cruel, Malicious, Destructive, Poetic, Honorable, Meticulous, Simple, Vainglorious
Cleric Physical Features: Muscled and Hairy
Cleric Mechanical Changes: Crafting yields better results. Natural armor +1

Heusius, God of Healing [hue-see-us]

Race Sired: Monsters (all of ’em)
Primary Domains: Madness, Lust and Healing
Secondary Domains: Plague, Childbirth, Desire, Jealousy, Chaos
Cleric Personality Traits: Mischievous, Lustful, Treacherous, Deranged, Jealous, Self-Loathing, Daredevil, Chaotic
Cleric Physical Features: Deformed in some way
Cleric Mechanical Changes: Max HP increased
Notes: He created monsters by getting it on with various animals / beings

Astala Goddess of Contradictions [ass-tal-uh]

Race Sired: Nymphs and Satyrs
Primary Domains: Order and Drunkenness
Secondary Domains: Contradictions, Law, Justice, Wilderness, Wine, Parties, Drugs, Ecstasy
Cleric Personality Traits: Dutiful, Amoral, Drunken, Obsessive, Protective, Fanatical, Just, Promiscuous
Cleric Physical Features: Very Attractive, Brilliant Gold Eyes
Cleric Mechanical Changes: Guards and criminals are more trusting