A Random Table for a Tabletop RPG

300 Mundane Items and Objects

300-mundane-items-and-objects-coverThis post is available for FREE (pay-what-you-want) as a high-quality PDF – CLICK HERE

300 standard, non-magical items and objects. Useful for generating interesting magical items, or simply filling up a loot chest! Pairs especially well with my 300 Descriptive Adjectives For Dungeons and Items PDF.

Item-Generation-Pack-CoverThis is also available as part of an item generation bundle- CLICK HERE

Roll Result
1 Amulet
2 Animal
3 Anvil
4 Arrow
5 Awl
6 Baby
7 Backpack
8 Bag
9 Ball
10 Bandage
11 Bandana
12 Bangle
13 Banner
14 Barding
15 Barrel
16 Basement
17 Basin
18 Basket
19 Battle Axe
20 Bedroll
21 Beer
22 Belt
23 Beret
24 Blacksmith tools
25 Blanket
26 Blouse
27 Blowgun
28 Bone
29 Book
30 Boots
31 Boulder
32 Bow
33 Box
34 Bracelet
35 Bracer
36 Brazier
37 Bucket
38 Buckle
39 Cage
40 Caltrops
41 Candle
42 Canteen
43 Castle
44 Cauldron
45 Cave
46 Censer
47 Chain
48 Chalk
49 Chest
50 Child
51 Chisel
52 City
53 Climbing gear
54 Cloak
55 Clock
56 Cloth
57 Clothing
58 Club
59 Coal
60 Coif
61 Coin
62 Collar
63 Comb
64 Cork
65 Cowbell
66 Crate
67 Crevasse
68 Crib
69 Crown
70 Crutches
71 Cube
72 Cuirass
73 Cup
74 Curtain
75 Cushion
76 Dagger
77 Deck of Cards
78 Desk
79 Die
80 Dirk
81 Doll
82 Door
83 Doorway
84 Drawing
85 Dress
86 Drink
87 Drinking Glass
88 Drum
89 Dungeon
90 Earring
91 Egg
92 Fan
93 Farm
94 Feather
95 Fife
96 Flag
97 Flint and iron
98 Flower
99 Flute
100 Forest
101 Fork
102 Garrote
103 Gem
104 Girdle
105 Gloves
106 Goblet
107 Grappling hook
108 Greaves
109 Hammer
110 Handsaw
111 Harp
112 Harpoon
113 Hat
114 Hatchet
115 Healer’s Kit
116 Helmet
117 Hoe
118 Hood
119 Hook
120 Horn
121 Hourglass
122 Human Head
123 Humanoid Creature
124 Incense
125 Ingot
126 Ink
127 Jar
128 Javelin
129 Jelly
130 Jewel
131 Juice
132 Kettle
133 Kettledrum
134 Key
135 Kite
136 Knife
137 Kopis
138 Ladder
139 Ladle
140 Lake
141 Lamp
142 Lantern
143 Leather Armor
144 Liquid
145 Lock
146 Lockpicks
147 Loom
148 Lute
149 Mace
150 Man
151 Manacles
152 Mask
153 Matchbox
154 Medicine
155 Mine
156 Mirror
157 Mitten
158 Mold
159 Mortar & Pestle
160 Mountain
161 Mug
162 Musical Instrument
163 Nail
164 Napkin
165 Necklace
166 Needle
167 Net
168 Note
169 Novel
170 Oil
171 Orchard
172 Outpost
173 Package
174 Painting
175 Pan
176 Pants
177 Paper
178 Park
179 Pick
180 Piece of Cake
181 Pillow
182 Pin
183 Pipes
184 Pitchfork
185 Pocket Knife
186 Poem
187 Poison
188 Pond
189 Pot
190 Potion
191 Pouch
192 Preserved Organ
193 Prison Cell
194 Prybar
195 Pyramid
196 Quarterstaff
197 Quartz
198 Quilt
199 Quiver
200 Rake
201 Rations
202 Rattle
203 Recipe
204 Region
205 Ribbon
206 Ring
207 River
208 Robe
209 Rock
210 Rod
211 Rolling Pin
212 Room
213 Rope
214 Ruin
215 Sabre
216 Sack
217 Sandals
218 Sarcophagus
219 Sash
220 Satchel
221 Saw
222 Scabbard
223 Scale
224 Scarf
225 Scimitar
226 Scroll
227 Scroll case
228 Scythe
229 Seal
230 Sentence
231 Series of Numbers
232 Shawl
233 Shears
234 Sheath
235 Sheet Music
236 Shell
237 Shield
238 Ship
239 Shoes
240 Shortsword
241 Shovel
242 Skirt
243 Sling
244 Smell
245 Soap
246 Sound
247 Soup
248 Spade
249 Spear
250 Sphere
251 Spike
252 Spoon
253 Spring
254 Spring of Water
255 Staff
256 Statue
257 Statuette
258 Stick
259 Stone
260 Stool
261 Sundial
262 Sword
263 Symbol
264 Tabard
265 Tent
266 Thimble
267 Tobacco Pipe
268 Tongs
269 Torch
270 Totem
271 Towel
272 Town
273 Tray
274 Tree
275 Trident
276 Tunic
277 Unknown Machinery
278 Vase
279 Vault
280 Vest
281 Vial
282 Vice
283 Village
284 Virus
285 Volcano
286 Wagon
287 Wand
288 War Hammer
289 Warship
290 Waterskin
291 Well
292 Whetstone
293 Whip
294 Whistle
295 Windchime
296 Window
297 Wine
298 Woman
299 Wrench
300 Writing equipment
A Random Table for a Tabletop RPG

100 Magical Items of Varying Utility

100-Magical-Items-of-Varying-Utility-CoverThis post is available for FREE (pay-what-you-want) as a high-quality PDF – CLICK HERE

100 original magic items, many of which are barely useful, though some might inspire mighty quests to retrieve them!

Item-Generation-Pack-CoverThis is also available as part of an item generation bundle- CLICK HERE

Roll Name Type Description
1 Accident Rod Rod Hitting this rod against a metal object will cause someone within earshot to have an accident, probably fatal. After being struck, the rod will continue to softly vibrate and may not be used again for d12 hours
2 Aging Elixir Potion Age 1d10 years
3 Amulet of Freedom Amulet Stuffed Eagle Head, Negates all movement impairing effects for 1 round, including grapples and over-encumbrance, 50 charges
4 Ancient Spade Shovel This shovel can dig through any natural substance as if it were mere dirt. It’s magical properties cannot be used as a weapon
5 Arrival Pot Pot A 1 foot tall ceramic pot that will make a loud announcement when something moves too close it it. Usually used to announce visitors to a household.
6 Arrow Magnet Amulet Whenever an arrow is fired in the vicinity of this amulet’s wearer, it will strike the amulet wearer
7 Bear Urine Extract Potion Morph into a bear for d20 minutes, transformation potentially fatal
8 Bell Stone Rock When struck, this rock will ring with the sound of a large bell
9 Blessed Lotion Lotion AC +2 for one day, +4 vs Undead
10 Blink Draught Potion Teleport to a location within line of sight and no more than 30’ away
11 Blistering Rod Rod Hitting this rod against a metal object will cause it to become very hot, possibly molten. If a creature wearing mundane armor is struck by this rod he will take 6 dmg and his armor will be destroyed. After being struck, the rod will continue to softly vibrate and may not be used again for d12 hours
12 Brightstone Gem This gem normally looks like quartz, but if left out in the sun for one day turns yellow like a topaz. Smacking it against something creates a blinding light and drains it of color.
13 Canine’s Drink Potion When fed to a dog it gains 2d6+2 temp HP and deals 2d6 dmg for 1 day
14 Caretaker’s Harp Harp Full sized harp. Reduces severity of travel encounters, but must be played constantly to have any effect
15 Cats’ Cube Box 2 item slots, appears empty if opened improperly
16 Climbing Tonic Potion Climbing skill set to 20 and fall damage reduced to 0 for 1 day
17 Color Bomb Potion Smash on the ground to release a large amount of swirling, colorful smoke. Anyone who sees the smoke is mesmerized by it for d4 rounds
18 Compulsive Whip Whip Any person whipped by this whip must follow the commands of its wielder for the next 5 minutes, so long as the victim is in the wielder’s line of sight. The victim takes 2 damage with each whipping
19 Confiding Pillow Pillow Will whisper secrets it its owner during the night
20 Crab Crown Crown Provides +2 AC when worn, but attracts the attention of crabs, who will come from nearby and cling to the wearer
21 Dagger of Lizard Control Dagger Functions as a normal dagger, but wielder may issue basic commands to small lizards
22 Dental Fife Fife Playing this fife also cleans the user’s teeth
23 Destroying Rod Rod Hitting this rod against a metal object, the nearest artificial structure will take massive damage, possibly destroying it entirely. After being struck, the rod will continue to softly vibrate and may not be used again for d12 hours
24 Device of Hatefulness Device Activating this device will cause all enemies present to prefer to target the device holder
25 Direction Staff Staff This walking stick ensures that whoever holds it instinctively knows which direction North lies
26 Drawing Rod Rod Hitting this rod against a metal object will compel any mortal or beast who hears the sounding of the rod to come to the area. After being struck, the rod will continue to softly vibrate and may not be used again for d12 hours
27 Druid’s Flute Flute Can mimic the call of six animals: Wolf, Wild Boar, Bear, Alligator, Eagle and Moose
28 Elusive Lantern Lantern The light from this lantern can only be seen by its carrier
29 Emergency Blade Dagger Once per day, when the owner of this dagger is attacked, the dagger will leap to its owner’s hand and slice the attacker for 3 DMG, interrupting the attack entirely
30 Energetic Goblet Goblet Drinking the entire contents of this goblet will afford +1 to the drinker’s next roll. May be refilled as a full action
31 Everburning Candle Candle This candle will never burn out, so it will always produce light
32 Extinguishing Tonic Potion Pour on ground to extinguish all fire, magical or otherwise, in a 50’ radius
33 Far-Flung Violin Violin When played, this violin can be clearly heard for several miles in all directions, but sounds as if it were merely across the room
34 Faucet Cloth Damp Rag Can be wrung out infinitely to produce foul tasting water
35 Firestone Gem This gem normally looks like quartz, but if allowed to absorb heat will change in color to resemble a bright orange garnet. When smashed against something, it is drained of color and will light that thing on fire.
36 Flaming Trumpet Trumpet When played, 1 in 6 chance to start a small fire in target area up to 15′ away
37 Gilded Throwing Knife Knife For every killing blow this knife lands, whoever has it on their person gains +1 to Dexterity. Resets at sunrise
38 Glowing Dart Dart Thrown. When it strikes a surface it glows with green light, illuminating a 10 foot area. may be collected and re-used
39 God Chime Small item Ringing this chime casts detect magic on the user
40 Gold Trimmed Scarf Mantle Wearing this scarf gives the character +5 to his max hit points.
41 Helpless Bandage Bandage A person bandaged with this item will be unable to do anything for themselves and will rely on others for everything. They will not remove the bandage until the wound is healed.
42 Ice Pipe Smoking Pipe When smoking this pipe, any smoke exhaled will be of sub zero temperature. It will deal d4 dmg to a living target.
43 Ill-Fated Necklace Necklace The wearer of this necklace has a general feeling that he is safe. The opposite is, in fact, the case. Any time something bad happens to the group, the wearer of this necklace bears the brunt of the misfortune
44 Ill-Fated Vest Vest The wearer of this vest will suffer critical failures on a natural d20 roll of 1-5
45 Imitative Deck Of Cards Deck of Cards Placing this deck of cards next to a mundane deck of cards will “attune” the Imitative deck to the mundane one. Whenever the mundane deck is shuffled, the imitative deck will match the new order of the mundane one. Used for cheating at cards.
46 Imitative Rope Rope 50′ of rope which can be controlled by simple hand gestures from its owner
47 Infernal Chain Mail Chainmail Reduces fire damage by d20 every time it is taken
48 Ink Quartz Rock Functions as an ink pot. To activate, press a long object tip first against the stone and the tip will be immediately covered in ink
49 Insect’s Brooch Jewelry Biting and stinging insects have a 75% chance to ignore you
50 Iron Ring Ring Any item held in the hand wearing this ring will function as an iron dagger
51 Judge Coin Coin If this coin is flipped to determine a dispute between two people, both parties will be forever bound by the outcome
52 Just Cauldron Cauldron A living creature who is boiled alive in this cauldron will either expire normally or will emerge unharmed. This is a test of that person’s guilt where a specific crime is concerned
53 Lake Paper Paper Whatever is written on this paper will only become visible if submerged in a lake or other large body of water
54 Lightning Beads Bead Ten beads. When thrown, a lightning bolt will erupt from the bead, hitting the closest object for d20 dmg
55 Lock Lotion Potion Rub into a non-magical lock to unlock
56 Looting Mask Mask Increases the value of any loot found, as well as the number of coins. Anyone found to possess it is immediately accused of a crime
57 Mortal Ladle Ladle Drinking the blood of a slain foe from this ladle will restore 4 HP
58 Muddled Mirror Hand Mirror This mirror is sentient and will attempt to show glimpses of anything its owner commands it to show, but it is easily flustered and is usually incapable of showing what it is commanded to. Only through severe beration and ridicule will it be able to muster the energy to show what it was commanded to show
59 Murmuring Mixture Potion May use own voice as source of limited telekinesis for 1 day (1 lb of force)
60 Noble Blouse Blouse The wearer of this blouse will, to all appearances, be of high birth and will be afforded the respect a noblewoman deserves. This includes the negative attention of rebels, dissenters, thieves, and other petty nobles demanding to know what house the wearer belongs to.
61 Notched Dagger Dagger If thrown, this dagger will never miss its target, dealing d4 damage and ignoring all armor
62 Octopoid Tunic Chestpiece When the wearer of this tunic submerges himself under water he quickly transforms into an octopus
63 Odious Kite Kite if this kite is flown, the area (and people) beneath is will be blighted with pustual growths
64 Onion Hoe Tool Wherever this hoe strikes soil, a buried onion will be revealed. Creates the onion from an equivalent mass of dirt.
65 Perpetual Rotating Disaster Top If this top is set spinning it will never stop on its own. As long as it spins, everyone nearby will be much more likely to suffer an accident of some sort [Critical failures on a d20 roll of 1-10]
66 Poison Fork Fork Any food eaten with this fork will be laden with poison
67 Poisonous Door Door This normal looking wooden door will poison anyone who attempt to open it without a key
68 Potion of Brief Invisibility Potion d2+1 rounds of invisibility
69 Potion of Sanity Potion Removes one instance of insanity or causes insanity if no insanity is present
70 Potion of the Angry Priest Potion Cleric may prepare +1 spell. Lasts 1 day
71 Rain Jug Jug This jug is 12 inches tall. However much liquid the jug is filled with will rain down across an area several miles wide over the next 12 hours. For example, if it has 4 inches of water in it, the area will receive 4 inches of rain, which would probably cause some flooding. If the jar is left empty, no rain will fall.
72 Record Club Club The names of all those killed by this club are magically inscribed into its surface, as is the name of the one who wielded it at the time of the killing
73 Religious Net Net This net will only ensnare those who do not follow a god, all others may easily disentangle themselves
74 Riveting Rod Rod Hitting this rod against a metal object will cause anyone who hears the sounding of the rod to freeze in place for 2 rounds. After being struck, the rod will continue to softly vibrate and may not be used again for d12 hours
75 Runed Arrow Arrow If it hits, target’s AC is reduced to 12 for duration of battle. Either way, arrow is destroyed
76 Sand Crown Crown When used (worn), this seemingly golden crown turns to sand and falls to the ground where it reforms into a crown. Any gold, silver, or copper item it is placed near will also gain this property. A coin would only turn to sand when it was being used (spent), etc.
77 Sarcastic Basket Basket This basket will make sarcastic remarks whenever it feels like it
78 Screamers’ Potion Potion Voice acts as a minor action ranged weapon of d6 dmg for 1 day
79 Shadowless Salve Lotion Shadow disappears for d4 days
80 Shell Paste Lotion Grow an exoskeleton for 1 hour, increasing AC by +1
81 Shield Kettle Kettle Drinking tea made with this kettle will grant the drinker +1 AC. The tea must be made with wormrose essence and the kettle will make 6 servings.
82 Shielding Orb Orb Floats around user’s head and completely blocks mundane ranged attacks which would have hit. Must decide before damage is rolled. Does not affect area attacks. Destroyed after 3 uses, but may be repaired by a blacksmith if taken in after only 2 uses
83 Shrimp Hatchet Hatchet A 1 inch long hatchet that packs the same punch as a hatchet of standard size
84 Signal Jewel Gem A pair of gems that can appear to be Amber, Emerald, or Ruby. Whoever holds one jewel can at any time change the color of the other jewel.
85 Sky Vest Clothing This vest will change color, predicting the weather for the next few hours
86 Sleeping Powder Powder Allows user to fall asleep under any circumstances, but only if they wish to. 10 doses
87 Soup Armor Chestpiece Any blood spilled from its wearer will not be blood at all, but delicious soup. It still hurts, though
88 Squalid Pouch Pouch Filled with an infinite amount of filth and ichor
89 Stink Juice Potion Smash on ground to cause a major distraction
90 Terror Rod Rod Hitting this rod against a metal object will cause anyone who hears the sounding of the rod to either flee or cower in terror for 1 round. After being struck, the rod will continue to softly vibrate and may not be used again for d12 hours
91 Titans’ Elixir Potion Restores d6+1 HP plus d6+1 Temporary HP
92 Tool Drum Drum This drum can be used in place of any basic tool. If it is played for an appropriate length of time the task requiring the tool will complete itself. The more difficult the task, the longer the drum must be played, starting at 1 minute. The player of the drum must have the ability to complete the task if he had the appropriate tool.
93 Trail Lute Lute If this lute is played by a skilled musician, he (an only he) will see a glowing trail appear, which leads to the subject of his song. If he stops playing the trail will vanish
94 Transgender Tincture Potion Change sex for 1d4 months
95 Treacherous Rope Rope Appears to be normal rope, but if used for climbing it will inevitably uncoil, plunging its user to his death
96 Troll Leather Armor Armor As chainmail, unencumbering
97 Waterstone Gem This gem normally looks like quartz, but if allowed to absorb water will change color to resemble a deep blue sapphire. When clasped against one’s chest, it is drained of color and will restore 3 HP. It must drink enough water for a medium humanoid to charge and can only be used once a day.
98 Whore Bracelet Bracelet This bracelet marks its wearer out as a prostitute, but also increases Charisma by +2
99 Worm Amulets Amulet A pair of amulets which must be worn by two separate people. If one of the wearers is killed, he will instead be spared and the other wearer of the amulet will die in his place
100 Yellow Shield Shield Shield +2, Emblazoned with the yellow sign, unknown curse [Once per session PC must succeed wisdom check or GM controls their character for one round]
A Random Table for a Tabletop RPG

Encounter Generator – Wilderness (Fantasy)

Encounter-Generator---Wilderness-(Fantasy)-CoverThis post is available for FREE (pay-what-you-want) as a high-quality PDF – CLICK HERE

When wandering in the wilderness anything could happen! Start out by deciding on an appropriate level of danger, then roll a d100 on the appropriate table below. Take the result and roll on the indicated table(s) to finalize the encounter.

If a Settlement is rolled up, you can create a village, town, or even an underground city if you are up for it. I have plans to release a settlement generator, so keep your eyes peeled!

Encounter-Generator-Pack-(Fantasy)-CoverThis is also available as part of a fantasy encounter generator bundle- CLICK HERE

Encounter Type (d100)

Danger Lvl 1 Danger Lvl 2 Danger Lvl 3 Result
1-20 1-25 1-15 [People] [Activity]
21-30 26-40 16-40 [Ambush] [Ruse] [Strategy]
31-40 41-55 41-55 [Dangerous Animal] [Size]
41-50 56-70 56-75 [Hazard]
51-60 71-85 76-95 [Of Value]
61-65 86-90 96-99 Settlement
66-100 91-100 100 [Benign]

People (d100)

Roll People
1-3 1d4 Bandit(s)
4-6 1d4 Cattle rustler(s)
7-9 1d4 Fishermen
10-12 1d4 Herdsmen
13-15 1d4 Horse Thieve(s)
16-18 1d4 Military Scout(s)
19-21 1d4 Native(s)
22-24 1d4 Outlaw(s)
25-27 1d4 Pirate(s)
28-30 1d4 Prospector(s)
31-33 1d4 Refugee(s)
33-36 1d4 Religious Pilgrim(s)
37-39 1d4 Sailor(s)
40-42 1d4 Traveler(s)
43-45 1d4 Missionary(ies)
46-48 1d4 Treasure Hunter(s)
49-51 1d4+1 Adventurers
52-54 1d6 Gypsy(ies)
55-57 Bounty Hunter
58-60 Fugitive
63-66 Hermit
67-69 Hunter
70-72 Master Thief
73-75 Merchant
76-78 Merchant w/ 1d4+1 Guards
79-81 Military patrol: 1d4+2 strong
82-84 Naturalist with 1d4 Assistants
85-87 Outcast
88-90 Ship’s Captain with 1d4 Sailor(s)
91-93 Sniper
94-96 1d4+1 Members of a Surveyor Team
97-99 Thief

Activity (d100)

Roll Activity
1-2 Arguing with someone
3-4 Bathing
5-6 Being chased
7-8 Bound and gagged
9-10 Branding an animal
11-12 Burying something/someone
13-14 Chasing someone
15-16 Crying
17-18 Destroying something
19-20 Digging
21-22 Drawing in ground
23-24 Drumming
25-26 Drunk
27-28 Dueling
29-30 Eating
31-32 Fatigued
33-34 Feverish
35-36 Fighting
37-38 Fishing
39-40 Hiding something/someone
41-42 Hunting
43-44 Injured
45-46 Killing something/someone
47-48 Lost
49-50 Meditating
51-52 Moving blockage in path
53-54 Needs help with something off of the path
55-56 Negotiating with someone
57-58 On a quest
59-60 Planning
61-62 Playing a game
63-64 Playing an instrument
65-66 Praying
67-68 Purchasing something
69-70 Pursued by Bandits
71-72 Questioning someone
73-74 Recently ambushed
75-76 Recently robbed
77-78 Repairing Vehicle
79-80 Resting
81-82 Searching for something/someone
83-84 Sick
85-86 Singing
87-88 Sleeping
89-90 Smoking a pipe
91-92 Smoking an animal carcass
93-94 Studying
95-96 Tracking
97-98 Training
99-100 Wounded

Ambush (d100)

Roll Result
1-30 Bandits
31-40 Military patrol
41-50 Natives (Hostile)
51-60 Outlaws
61-65 Cattle rustlers
66-70 Gypsies
71-75 Pirates
76-80 Sailors
81-85 Sniper
86-90 Bounty hunter
91-95 Assassin
96-100 Master Assassin

Ruse (d100)

Roll Result
1-25 No Ruse
26-50 Block Path
51-65 Choke Point
66-75 Disabled Vehicle
76-80 Disguise
81-85 Infiltrate Group
86-90 Injured/Sick Person
91-95 Lure Off Path
96-99 Natural Hazard
100 Trapdoors

Strategy (d100)

Roll Result
1-25 Rush in
26-45 Snipe from afar
46-65 Spring out from concealment
66-80 Set up traps
81-85 Drop nets
86-90 Drop from above
91-95 Throw grenades
96-100 Poison

Animal (d20)

Roll Result
1 Alligator
2 Baboon
3 Badger
4 Banana Spider
5 Bear
6 Big Cat
7 Boa Constrictor
8 Cape Buffalo
9 Elephant
10 Giant Rat
11 Gorilla
12 Hippopotamus
13 Komodo Dragon
14 Moose
15 Scorpion
16 Venomous Snake
17 Wild Boar
18 Wild Dog
19 Wolf
20 Wolverine

Size (d20)

Animal is of Normal size unless the roll is above the threshold for the chosen danger level, in which case the animal is Dire.

Danger Level Roll Threshold
Danger Level 1 18+
Danger Level 2 14+
Danger Level 3 10+

Hazard (d100)

Roll Result
1-20 Trap
21-35 Bad Water
36-50 Crevasse
51-65 Storm
66-75 Heatwave
76-80 Earthquake
81-85 Forest Fire
86-90 Poisonous Fumes
91-95 Quicksand
96-100 Rockfall

Of Value (d100)

Roll Result
1-25 Food
26-40 Standard Loot
41-55 Helpful Clue/Pointer
56-70 Coin purse
71-85 Dead people
86-92 Natural Resource
93-97 Dead Poisonous Animal
98 Dungeon
99 Exactly what is needed
100 Fancy Loot

Benign (d20)

Roll Result
1 A body hangs by the neck from a tree branch
2 A post with an unoccupied hanging cage
3 Several arrows stick out of a dead animal
4 An old trail of blood across path
5 A brush fire is slowly moving this way
6 Long dead remains of a soldier are pinned to a tree
7 Weathered stone circle off path
8 Coals from a recent, large campfire
9 Strong smell of wildflowers
10 Strong smell of cooking food
11 A quick succession of twigs snap
12 Strange, large tracks across path
13 Vultures circle overhead
14 An arrow is sticking from a tree
15 Unknown/strange writing on standing stone
16 Sudden temperature drop
17 Path is blocked
18 Choke Point in trail
19 Destroyed Caravan
20 Natural Hazard off path, easily avoidable
A Random Table for a Tabletop RPG

Espionage Mission Generator

Espionage-Mission-Generator-CoverThis post is available for FREE (pay-what-you-want) as a high-quality PDF – CLICK HERE

This generator will work in any setting / genre in which an espionage mission is called for. It’s results are vague enough that you can easily supply your own details to fit your world, but specific enough that you don’t have to come up with everything yourself. The below “mad-libs” style sentence will help you understand your random results. Whenever you see a [bold] word in the sentence, it refers to the random table of the same name. All you have to do is roll on that table and insert the result into the sentence at that point!

The mission is to [Mission] via [Method] in [Locale]. Resistance will come from [Enemy], but an ally can be found in [Ally]. Potential Intelligence can be uncovered via [Intelligence Source], revealing [Intelligence]. Completion of this mission will result in the gain of [Reward]. Possible Twists and Turns include: [Twists and Turns].

This post is also available in PDF format as part of a Mission Generator Bundle (Espionage and Military Missions) – CLICK HERE


Roll a d2. One a 1, the mission is Offensive, on a 2 it is Defensive. e.g. if “Rescue Target” is rolled Offensively, the PCs want the target to be rescued, but if it is rolled Defensively, the PCs must prevent a target from being rescued.

Result Roll (d2, then d12)
Turn Enemies 1
Implicate Enemies 2
Plant Intelligence 3
Gather Intelligence 4
Silence Witnesses 5
Steal/Destroy Supplies 6
Kidnap or Kill Target 7
Rescue Target 8
Uncover Traitors 9
Cause Chaos 10
Deliver Intelligence 11
Reconnaissance 12


Result Roll (d100)
Infiltration 1-35
Socializing 36-60
Investigation 61-85
Escorting a Target 86-95
a Direct Assault 96-100


Result Roll (d100)
a City 1-35
a Town 36-60
the Civilized Countryside 61-80
the Wilderness 81-85
a Fort 86-90
an Estate 91-95
a Ship 96-100


Result Roll (d100)
Regular Military 1-35
Mercenaries 36-55
Civic Leader 56-70
Loyalist Civilians 71-85
Deserters 86-90
Rebel Military 91-95
Counter-Spies 96-100


Result Roll (d100)
[Roll on Civilian Table] 1-60
Regular Soldier 61-70
Rebel Soldier 71-80
Criminal 81-90
Mercenary 91-100

Intelligence Source

Result Roll (d100)
Interrogation 1-25
Reconnaissance 26-45
a Journal Entry 46-60
a Refugee 61-75
a Personal Letter 76-85
Sealed Orders 86-95
a Traitor 96-100


Result Roll (d100)
Troop Details 1-25
Enemy Orders 26-45
Supply Details 46-65
Damning Documents 66-80
Grand Strategy 81-90
a Cypher 91-95
Spy Network Info 96-100


Result Roll (d100)
a Cache of Supplies 1-15
Rebellion Influence 16-30
Enchantments 31-45
a Magical Item 46-60
Recruits 61-75
Officer Information 76-90
a Unique Item 91-95
NPC Rumors 96-100

Twists and Turns

Result Roll (d100)
Ambush 1-3
Another Enemy, hostile to all, appears 4-6
Assemble and/or train a force to help 7-9
Bad intelligence 10-12
Commander KIA 13-15
Conflicting orders from two superiors 16-18
Cowardice 19-21
Enemy’s cause is sympathetic 22-24
False Flag Operation 25-27
Family in danger 28-30
Greed 31-33
Local militia helps or hinders 33-36
Midway through, PCs are replaced 37-39
Mistaken Identity 40-42
No collateral damage allowed 43-45
Personal Rivalry 46-48
Red Herring 49-51
Reinforcements 52-54
Revenge 55-57
Sickness 58-60
Stranded 63-66
Supplies sabotaged 67-69
Terrible weather 70-72
The enemy can’t be beaten directly 73-75
The goal has moved 76-78
Must be done without alerting anyone 79-81
PCs and ally have conflicting orders 82-84
Traitor 85-87
Traps 88-90
Two bad things, only one can be stopped 91-93
Unwanted Ally 94-96
Urgent new mission arises 97-99


Result Roll (d100)
Accountant 1
Acrobat 2
Actor 3
Animal Trainer 4
Apothecary 5
Arbiter 6
Armorer 7
Artist 8
Baker 9
Barber 10
Beekeeper 11
Begger 12
Blacksmith 13
Brewer 14
Butcher 15
Candlemaker 16
Carpenter 17
Cartographer 18
Charcoalmaker 19
Cheesemaker 20
Chimney Sweep 21
City Official 22
Clergyman 23
Cook 24
Courtesan 25
Crier 26
Dancer 27
Diplomat 28
Dockmaster 29
Dockworker 30
Doctor 31
Driver 32
Duelist 33
Executioner 34
Falconer 35
Farmer 36
Farmhand 37
Fence 38
Fisherman 39
Forester 40
Fortuneteller 41
Fugitive 42
Gardener 43
Glassblower 44
Gravedigger 45
Guardsman 46
Healer 47
Herbalist 48
Herder 49
Horsebreeder 50
Houndsman 51
Hunter 52
Jailor 53
Jeweler 54
Laborer 55
Lawyer 56
Leatherworker 57
Librarian 58
Locksmith 59
Maid 60
Mason 61
Mercenary 62
Merchant 63
Midwife 64
Military Officer 65
Military Scout 66
Miner 67
Missionary 68
Moneylender 69
Musician 70
Naturalist 71
Painter 72
Perfumemaker 73
Preacher 74
Prostitute 75
Quack Doctor 76
Sailor 77
Scholar 78
Scientist 79
Scribe 80
Servant 81
Shepherd 82
Ship Captain 83
Shipwright 84
Shopkeeper 85
Smuggler 86
Soldier 87
Squire 88
Stableman 89
Tattoist 90
Tavern Wench 91
Tavernkeeper 92
Tax Collector 93
Taxidermist 94
Teacher 95
Torturer 96
Treasure Hunter 97
Vermincatcher 98
Weaponsmith 99
Woodsman 100


A Random Table for a Tabletop RPG

Mundane Loot Tables

Mundane-Loot-Tables-By-Wealth-Level-(Fantasy)-CoverThis post is available for FREE (pay-what-you-want) as a high-quality PDF – CLICK HERE

Sometimes the PCs loot a house or check the pockets or bag of some random NPC. Don’t just give them a few coins, make it interesting and give them some some basic, mundane items using these tables! They are broken up into wealth categories, from Destitute all the way up to Filthy Rich. Choose how rich/fancy the targeted NPC or NPC’s house is, and roll a d100 on the appropriate table below.

The Value column is in copper pieces, though it won’t necessarily transfer to a D&D game, as I created these tables for a homebrew system called Wretched (which I’ll probably post on this blog at some point). So feel free to use the Value as a reference or ignore it.


Goods – Destitute d100 Value
Item of Sentimental Value (Re-Roll) 1-8
Bone 9-15
Cloth Scrap 16-22
Unreadable Note 23-29
River Stone 30-36
Dried Flower 37-43
Hardtack 44-50
Iron Nail 51-55 3
Piece of Food 56-60 3
Iron Buckle 61-64 5
Chalk 65-66 10
Crude Holy Symbol 67-68 10
Hat 69-70 10
Iron Earring 71-72 10
Tin Cup 73-74 10
Walking Stick 75-76 10
Belt 77-78 15
Candle 79-80 15
Crude Box 81-82 15
Crude Pipe 83-84 15
Die (6 Sided) 85-86 15
Pouch 87-88 15
Soap 89-90 15
Spike, Wood 91-92 15
Tinderbox 93-94 15
Tobacco 95-96 15
Whetstone 97 15
Comb 98 20
Crafting Scrap, Poor [d4] 99 20
Torch 100 20


Goods – Poor d100 Worth
Item of Sentimental Value (Re-Roll) 1-6
Bone 7-9
Cloth Scrap 10-12
Unreadable Note 13-15
River Stone 16-18
Dried Flower 19-21
Hardtack 22-24
Iron Nail 25-26 3
Piece of Food 27-28 3
Iron Buckle 29-30 5
Chalk 31-32 10
Hat 33-34 10
Iron Earring 35-36 10
Tin Cup 37-38 10
Belt 39-40 15
Candle 41-42 15
Die (6 Sided) 43-44 15
Pouch 45-46 15
Soap 47-48 15
Spike, Wood 49-50 15
Tinderbox 51-52 15
Tobacco 53-54 15
Whetstone 55-56 15
Comb 57-58 20
Crafting Scrap, Poor [d6] 59-60 20
Torch 61-62 20
Walking Stick 63-64 20
Crude Box 65-66 25
Holy Symbol 67-68 25
Needle, Bone 69-70 25
Tobacco Pipe 71-72 25
Flint and Steel 73-74 30
Nails x10 75-76 30
Blanket 77-78 35
Holy Water 79-80 35
Parchment 81-82 35
Spike, Iron 83-84 35
Vial, Empty 85 35
Animal Skin, Common 86 50
Crafting Scrap, Standard [d4] 87 50
Die, weighted (R) 88 50
Drill 89 50
Fishing Gear 90 50
Mallet 91 50
Playing Cards 92 50
Scroll, blank 93 50
Smoking Pipe 94 50
Spike, Steel 95 50
Waterskin 96 50
Whistle 97 50
Drugs 98 50
Bedroll 99 60
Crafting Scrap, Fine 100 75


Goods – Stable d100 Worth
Item of Sentimental Value (Re-Roll) 1-6
Dried Flower 7-9
Bread 10-12
Piece of Food 13-15 3
Chalk 16-18 10
Hat 19-21 10
Iron Earring 22-24 10
Tin Cup 25-27 10
Belt 28-30 15
Candle 31-32 15
Die (6 Sided) 33-34 15
Pouch 35-36 15
Soap 37-38 15
Spike, Wood 39-40 15
Tinderbox 41-42 15
Tobacco 43-44 15
Whetstone 45-46 15
Comb 47-48 20
Crafting Scrap, Poor [d8] 49-50 20
Torch 51-52 20
Needle, Bone 53-54 25
Flint and Steel 55-56 30
Nails x10 57-58 30
Walking Stick 59 30
Blanket 60 35
Box 61 35
Parchment 62 35
Spike, Iron 63 35
Tobacco Pipe 64 35
Vial, Empty 65 35
Holy Symbol 66 45
Holy Water 67 45
Animal Skin, Common 68 50
Crafting Scrap, Standard [d6] 69 50
Drill 70 50
Fishing Gear 71 50
Gem 72 50
Mallet 73 50
Playing Cards 74 50
Scroll, blank 75 50
Spike, Steel 76 50
Waterskin 77 50
Whistle 78 50
Drugs 79 50
Bedroll 80 60
Chain, Steel x1 foot 81 75
Crafting Scrap, Fine [d4] 82 75
Crowbar 83 75
Hammer 84 75
Ink 85 75
Oil (for lantern; 1 pint, lasts 48 hours) 86 75
Saw 87 75
Leather satchel (waterproof) 88 100
Quiver (20 arrows or bolts) 89 100
Scroll case 90 100
Wormrose Incense 91 100
Anti-Venom 92 150
Cooking Pots 93 150
Healing Kit, Poor (-5) 94 150
Lantern 95 150
Net 96 150
Pick 97 150
Crafting Tools, Poor (-5) 98 200
Healing Kit, Standard (+0) 99 300
Instrument 100 300


Goods – Rich d100 Worth
Item of Sentimental Value (Re-Roll) 1-5
Die (6 Sided) 25
Pouch 25
Tobacco 25
Comb 30
Flint and Steel 26-28 30
Parchment 29-31 35
Box 32-34 50
Crafting Scrap, Standard [d8] 35-37 50
Playing Cards 38-40 50
Scroll, blank 41-43 50
Tobacco Pipe 44-46 50
Walking Stick 47-49 50
Holy Symbol 50-52 60
Holy Water 53-55 60
Crafting Scrap, Fine [d6] 56-58 75
Ink 59-61 75
Drugs 62-64 75
Key 65-67 100
Leather satchel (waterproof) 68-70 100
Quiver (20 arrows or bolts) 71-73 100
Scroll case 74-76 100
Wormrose Incense 77-79 100
Anti-Venom 80-81 150
Healing Kit, Poor (-5) 82-83 150
Crafting Tools, Poor (-5) 84-85 200
Gem 86-87 d20 * 10 + 80
Lantern 88-89 200
Magnifying Glass 90-91 250
Healing Kit, Standard (+0) 92-93 300
Holy Book 94 350
Crafting Tools, Standard (+0) 95 400
Mirror, Hand 96 400
Healing Kit, Fine (+5) 97 500
Instrument 98 500
Crafting Tools, Fine (+5) 99 650
Lockbox, Steel 100 750

Filthy Rich

Goods – Filthy Rich d100 Worth
Item of Sentimental Value (Re-Roll) 1-5
Bread 6-9
Die (6 Sided) 10-13 35
Pouch 14-17 40
Tobacco 18-21 40
Comb 22-25 50
Flint and Steel 26-29 50
Parchment 30-33 50
Box 34-37 75
Crafting Scrap, Fine [d8] 38-40 75
Playing Cards 41-43 75
Scroll, blank 44-46 75
Tobacco Pipe 47-49 75
Walking Stick 50-52 75
Holy Symbol 53-55 100
Holy Water 56-58 100
Ink 59-61 100
Drugs 62-64 100
Anti-Venom 65-67 150
Healing Kit, Poor (-5) 68-70 150
Crafting Tools, Poor (-5) 71-72 200
Gem 73-74 d20 * 20 + 200
Key 75-76 200
Leather satchel (waterproof) 77-78 200
Quiver (20 arrows or bolts) 79-80 200
Scroll case 81-82 200
Wormrose Incense 83-84 200
Healing Kit, Standard (+0) 85-86 300
Lantern 87-88 350
Magnifying Glass 89-90 350
Crafting Tools, Standard (+0) 91-92 400
Healing Kit, Fine (+5) 93-94 500
Holy Book 95-96 500
Mirror, Hand 97 600
Crafting Tools, Fine (+5) 98 650
Instrument 99 850
Lockbox, Steel 100 1000
A Random Table for a Tabletop RPG

Spooky, yet Mundane Dungeon Encounters

100-Spooky-Yet-Mundane-Dungeon-Encounters-(Fantasy)-CoverThis post is available as a high-quality PDF – CLICK HERE

Sometimes you want your players to feel like something dangerous is going on, but in reality its just a mundane occurrence. I’ve put together a table of 100 spooky and unnerving, yet harmless encounters for you to frighten and confuse your players! Roll a d100 on the table below to get started.

  1. A birds nest sits in a crack in the wall. It has three warm eggs inside
  2. A body hangs by its neck from a chandelier
  3. A broken weapon lies discarded here. It has been sundered by something of great strength.
  4. A cage containing the bones of a child hangs from the ceiling
  5. A ceiling tile falls, narrowly missing the party
  6. A chess board is set up in an alcove with a half finished game laid out
  7. A chicken pecks at the floor
  8. A circle of carefully stacked stones have been arranged in the middle of the hallway
  9. A corpse lies on the floor. The word “SEVEN” has been carved into its skull
  10. A crudely drawn image of a vulture on a wall deeply unsettles the PCs
  11. A curious rat trails the party
  12. A dead cow lies on the floor. It is clearly rotten but has no smell
  13. A deep thumping approaches the party until it sounds like it is in the room with them, then stops
  14. A delicious dessert sits on a wooden stool
  15. A faded sign advertising “Hot Meat Pies” leans against the wall
  16. A frog with a ribbon tied around its neck hops across the floor
  17. A fungus growing along the floor rapidly fades and dies as the PCs approach it.
  18. A gold chamber pot with still warm feces
  19. A group of rats gnaw at the head of an Orc. The body is nowhere to be found
  20. A head with its lips sewn shut lies on the floor
  21. A large cobweb sits in the corner. A first glance a PC sees the name of a loved one written in it, but when he looks back at the web the name is gone.
  22. A large spider crawls out of a PC’s ear
  23. A large, flaming spider screeches as it races about, and is killed by the flames
  24. A lone moth flits around a torch. It seems to pass through solid materials and will slowly fade from sight.
  25. A loose stone reveals the bones of a child
  26. A mask rests on a table. After a moment, it sighs, whispering “You’re not perfect”, before crumbling into dust.
  27. A pack and its contents lie strewn across the ground
  28. A pair of glowing lights is visible in the distance, but fade as the PCs approach.
  29. A PC feels a hand in his pouch, but nothing is missing
  30. A PC finds a slip of paper with his name on it
  31. A PC finds himself unconsciously flipping a coin and nervously checking the outcome
  32. A PC has a flash of a vision in which the other PCs are stone statues
  33. A PC hears a horrid, cacophonous roar which fills his ears and reverberates off the walls. No one else hears this
  34. A PC hears whispering right behind him, but there is no one there
  35. A PC splashes into a puddle that was not there an instant before. He is soaked in stale water
  36. A pigeon lands on a PC’s shoulder. It has a message tied to its foot which reads “Trust no one,” written in the PC’s handwriting
  37. A rat gnaws at a bone nearby and suddenly a hawk swoops down, grabs it, and vanishes around a corner
  38. A severed hand covered in stitches lies on the floor
  39. A sheet of music is pinned to the wall with a dagger
  40. A shield lies on the ground here, ripped into two pieces by something of immense strength.
  41. A single strawberry grows in a pot of earth
  42. A skeletal foot seems to be partially embedded into the wall.
  43. A small flower grows in a crack in the floor.
  44. A small ray of light reaches through a crack in the ceiling.
  45. A spider covered in spines scurries away
  46. A suit of armor crumples to the ground with a human sounding sigh
  47. A tarnished silver key hangs from a ring on the wall
  48. A throbbing spider nest the size of a cat is attached to the ceiling. Several spiders run across it.
  49. A timid voice whispers a PC’s name before laughing and fading away.
  50. A vile liquid bubbles and seeps up from one of the tile-stones.
  51. A wall stone has been shifted, revealing a natural cave entrance
  52. A zombie with no arms or lower jaw follows the party
  53. All of the PCs speak in unison “It is done,” and find themselves feeling elated
  54. An arrow sticks from a chink in the wall
  55. An old ring sits in a crack in the floor
  56. An old trail of blood leads away, as if a body were dragged. It stops suddenly
  57. Bloody footprints left by a large creature lead down the hall, and slowly fade
  58. Dried petals of an unidentifiable flower litter the floor.
  59. Hundreds of insects swarm a corpse
  60. One by one, the lights in the room go out
  61. One PC has a vision of the other PCs being murdered one by one. The killer wears the PC’s face and a smile.
  62. Several headless corpses lie around a chopping block. Their heads are nowhere to be found
  63. Statues of guards flank a bricked up doorway
  64. The distinct skittering of tiny paws can be heard for a moment.
  65. The dust is thick in the air here, and the PCs feel the need to cough.
  66. The eyes of a moth-eaten painting lazily follow the PCs.
  67. The floor here is crawling with maggots.
  68. The full name of someone dear to one of the PCs is scratched into a wall
  69. The ground beneath the PCs’ feet suddenly becomes extremely sticky.
  70. The lights dim and it appears as if the PCs are moving through a field of stars for a moment
  71. The party leader gets a whiff of the perfume a loved one used to wear
  72. The party leader suddenly knows the identity of a killer who committed a crime here long ago
  73. The PCs can hear heavy breathing.
  74. The PCs feel a sudden chill here.
  75. The PCs find that they have all drawn their weapons unconsciously
  76. The PCs have been idly talking about an old friend before remembering that they know no one by that name
  77. The PCs hear the lonely howl of a single wolf.
  78. The PCs hear the sounds of a massive metal blade being dragged across the ground. It slowly fades into the distance regardless of the PCs’ actions.
  79. The PCs hear the sounds of drums. Drums, in the deep. They fade as the PCs move.
  80. The PCs suddenly realize that their footfalls have been completely silent for several minutes. As soon as they do so, their footsteps can be heard again
  81. The remains of an adventurer are pinned to the wall with daggers
  82. The smell of the sea is overwhelmingly strong in a corner of the room
  83. The sound of a conversation the PCs had earlier can be clearly heard from behind a door
  84. The sound of hurried footsteps echo, and suddenly stop
  85. The sound of shattering pottery echoes from around a corner. If the PCs investigate they find a broken vase and no one in sight
  86. The sound of singing floats from a doorway and fades
  87. The torch here seems to be burning a strange color. It returns to normal as soon as the PCs interact with it.
  88. The wall has been carved away, and a large standing stone has been placed in the newly formed alcove. It is covered in strange writing
  89. There is a box here faintly emitting a sweet aroma. It is filled with decaying fruit.
  90. There is a desk and a pair of chairs here. One of the chairs is covered in dried blood.
  91. There is a locked box here, filled with tiny slips of paper with names on them. Approximately half the names are crossed out.
  92. There is a pile of teeth here.
  93. There is a scroll here describing the trial and messy execution of one of the PCs.
  94. There is an empty net here on the ground, ripped and torn to shreds.
  95. Thin metallic shavings form an intricate pattern in the floor.
  96. Two ancient corpses embrace one another
  97. Two cats chase each other and run past the PCs
  98. Water drips slowly from the ceiling, but it distinctly smells like blood.
  99. What appears to be the carcass of a rat lies on the floor. As the PCs approach, it suddenly springs into action and darts away.
  100. When a PC steps on a certain stone he hears a click, but nothing happens.


Setting Fodder for Tabletop RPGs

Mudstead – City Map and NPCs

Mudstead-City-Map-and-NPCs-CoverThis post is available for FREE (pay-what-you-want) as a high-quality PDF – CLICK HERE

I created this city section for a tabletop RPG that I do plan to go back to one day, but for now it’s not doing anyone any good sitting in my google drive folder, so here it is!

  • Mudstead sits outside of the main city walls to the West, so it should be easy to tack onto the city of your choosing.
  • Though Mudstead is a mostly poor district, Topaz Hill is actually quite nice. A technicality exists in the city’s tax code and Topaz Hill is filled with jewelers and other artisans who have set their businesses up outside of the city walls to avoid the brunt of the city taxes.
  • Similarly, the Ecclestone Smithy is a bustling complex of buildings which turn out quite of a bit of high quality metal goods, as wells as acts as a sort of smithing academy.
  • South of the river is where things start to get ugly for Mudstead, especially as you approach Clay Springs. The ground is mostly clay and, due to a number of underground springs, it is always damp and muddy. This gives those who live there a near-permanent and very recognizable crust of dried clay about their persons.
  • A new drug called Wormscrape has been making the rounds in Mudstead: it provides temporary HP and increases melee dmg, but is potentially addictive and deadly.
  • Clay springs is home to a gang known as the Emerald Blades

Mudstead: A map for tabletop RPGs

Click Here for High Res Map File

Important NPCs

There are several key individuals in Mudstead who I will cover below. I will also include various rumors about each NPC which a PC might be able to pick up. The common rumors can be heard anywhere, but the uncommon ones must come from someone who knows the NPC personally (friend, servant, etc). The last three rumors of each type will reveal a Strength or a Weakness about the NPC (Strengths coming from Common rumors, and Weaknesses coming from Uncommon ones). When a PCs is hunting for rumors, roll a d10 to determine which one he or she hears.

Jacquetta Kane, Judge and Owner of Wallbottom Prison

Adherance to the law
Concern for her prisoners
Aubery Kane is her enemy

Powerful position
Usually has guards

Rumors – Common:
1. She’s twice the warden her uncle ever was
2. She only ever wears black. Some say it’s to honor her dead parents
3. She owns the Wallbottom Prison building and rents it out to the city
4. She has a low opinion of her cousin, Aubrey Kane
5. She’s an avid consumer of literature and provides a library for her inmates
6. Although she’s kind to the inmates, she’s ruthless to those outside of the prison
7. Wallbottom Prison has the highest rehabilitation rate of any prison in the land
8. She travels with a retinue of guards
9. She is effectively above the law in Mudstead
10. She is the second richest person in Mudstead

Rumors – Uncommon:
1. She believes anyone can be saved and reintegrated into society
2. Some of her staff are reformed prisoners what seen the error of their ways
3. She’s always surrounded by her most trusted staff, who protect her with their very lives
4. She considers each death penalty she issues to be a personal failure
5. She doesn’t really like the church, but she has a lot of respect for Talbot Paul
6. She’s never been outside of the city before, having lived here her whole life
7. She grudgingly accepts the charity of Countess Hermia Jessamyn Mlakar on behalf of her prisoners
8. She legitimately cares about her inmates, more than their own mothers would
9. Her Uncle chose her over his own daughter, Aubry Kane, to inherit his estate
10. She’s a strict authority figure and follows the law to the letter

Countess Hermia Jessamyn Mlakar

Rarely has guards
Disliked by the nobility

Energy and vivaciousness
Beloved of the people

Rumors – Common:
1. She supplies books to prisoners at Wallbottom
2. She has founded several vocational schools
3. She has a noticle burn scar on her face
4. She wears only the finest clothes
5. She is the patron of several up-and-coming craftmen and women
6. She owns huge tracts of land outside of the city
7. She owns a large part of the Ecclestone Smithy
8. She is loved by the common folk
9. She has a manor on Topaz Hill and is very wealthy
10. At 58 years old, she is still energetic and full of life

Rumors – Uncommon:
1. She was severely burned in the house fire that killed her husband years ago
2. Her Circlet was custom made for her by Johan Ecclestone himself
3. She eats porridge at every meal
4. She and Jaquetta Kane don’t get along but share a similar philosophy
5. She spends a lot of her time at the Ecclestone Smithy
6. She leaves the ruling of her lands to her reagent who is also her son
7. She is a known gossip among the upper-class
8. She dispises the nobility and in turn is not looked well upon
9. She has quadrupled her fortune via high-stakes gambling
10. She rarely has an escort of guards

Desmond Roscoe, Dockmaster

Inexperience in non-business matters

Always has guards
Good Reputation

Rumors – Common:
1. He owns fleets of cargo ships
2. He’s a gloomy old bastard
3. He grew up in the frozen North
4. He invested all of his money into his business 25 years ago
5. He owns most of the docks in Mudstead
6. He is a shrewd businessman
7. He doesn’t have any family to speak of
8. He is always surrounded by guards, and hates it
9. He has vast wealth
10. He has a good reputation among the townsfolk

Rumors – Uncommon:
1. He has a strange tattoo on the top of his head, under his hair
2. He did some construction in the Clay Springs sewers a few years ago
3. He spends his freetime doing various art and hates everything he makes
4. He got hold of some kind of magic artifact a few years ago
5. He hates the cold
6. He will only eat hot food or drink
7. His art isn’t half bad, even if he hates it
8. He is bored with his lavish lifestyle
9. He has no real world experience in anything but business
10. He has been very depressed lately

Johan Ecclestone, Blacksmith

In a secret relationship
Addicted to wormscrape
Nearly bankrupt

Position of authority
Master swordsman
In good standing with the church

Rumors – Common:
1. He has a metal claw instead of a left hand
2. He doesn’t get along with Desmond Roscoe
3. The Ecclestone Smithy turns out the best metal items in the region
4. The Ecclestone Smithy is a large complex of buildings
5. He teaches students at the Ecclestone Smithy
6. He swears like a sailor
7. He has run the Ecclestone Smithy for more than 40 years
8. He is in good standing with the church
9. He wields his sword with natural grace and power, despite his age
10. He runs the Ecclestone Smithy

Rumors – Uncommon:
1. He made enemies with Desmond Roscoe when he wouldn’t sell the Smithy
2. He lost his hand while soldiering in his youth
3. He killed a man who robbed the Ecclestone Smithy years ago
4. He spends more then he can afford on recreation
5. He is too proud to accept help
6. He regularly had affairs with his students until he met Countess Hermia Jessamyn
7. He wears a toupee
8. He is on the brink of banckruptcy
9. He and Countess Hermia Jessamyn Mlakar are lovers
10. He is addicted to wormscrape

Talbot Paul, Clergyman

Sex drive (under control for years)
Church disapproval
Desire to help the poor

Worldly experience
Physical strength

Rumors – Common:
1. He’s an optimist
2. He won’t stand for any nonsense
3. He is the most pious person in the district
4. He gives all of his money to his followers to give to the poor
5. He has been instrumental in reducing the homeless population in Mustead
6. He will have a conversation with anyone, no matter how filthy
7. He lives in Clay Springs
8. He’s 60 years old but he is built like an ox
9. He has a following of citizens and clergymen
10. He’s traveled the world and seen all sorts of things

Rumors – Uncommon:
1. He’s fought with demons and won
2. He sleeps with a candle lit that detects demons
3. He’s on the run from a succubus
4. He tore off his own middle fingers to escape a succubus’s bed
5. He was seduced by a succubus as a young man, but managed to escape
6. He has not been with a woman for many years
7. He can spot a demon from across the room
8. He used to be a tomcat, hooking up with all the ladies
9. The church does not necessarily agree with what he does
10. He wants nothing more than to help the poor

Lazzari, Vigilante

He needs the people’s help
Physically weak
He is wanted by the guard and the underworld alike

His custom made hand crossbows
The people help him
Master of disguise

Rumors – Common:
1. His nose has been broken several times
2. He was once the governor’s advisor
3. He killed a gangster during a trial what was going in the gang’s favor
4. He likes to give small gifts to those who help him
5. He has taken the law into his own hands
6. He is disgusted by the state of Order the district
7. He has a very bad temper
8. He uses a pair of custom hand crossbows
9. He has the support of the people
10. He is a master of disguise

Rumors – Uncommon:
1. He killed the head of the Emerald Razors
2. He steals from the city guards while disguised as one of them
3. Members of the Emerald Razors raped and killed his wife
4. He will stalk a target for a time before striking
5. He relies on traps to kill criminals
6. He hates the Emerald Razors more than any other criminals
7. He is fanatical about his causes
8. Without the support of the people he would surely be caught
9. He isn’t physically strong, but he is deadly with a crossbow
10. He is on the run from the city guard and from the Emerald Razors alike

Rod Carter, Cook and Wormscrape Dealer

He has syphillis, which addles his mind at times
He fears the river
He loves his three children

He is one of the few dealers in the district
He doesn’t have any enemies
He will murder without a second thought

Rumors – Common:
1. He works in the Wolf’s Tooth tavern in Clay Springs
2. He only sells wormscrape to the dregs of society
3. He plays with an old fork with a sharpened handle
4. He gets the greens he cooks with from Sewer Skimmers
5. He likes to chew on raw chicken meat
6. He sleeps 18 hours a day
7. His food isn’t half bad
8. He’s one of the only wormscrape dealers in Mudstead
9. He doesn’t have any enemies, and most people just avoid him
10. He has no problem murdering people

Rumors – Uncommon:
1. He never uses his own supplies
2. He slips wormscrape into the food he cooks to addict his customers
3. He doesn’t care about money, he just wants to ruin people’s lives
4. He denies drugs to addicts just to make them have a breakdown
5. He will paralyze rowdy customers, then kick them into the sewer where they drown
6. He is a member of the Faithless
7. His fork is poisoned with a paralyzing toxin
8. He has syphillis
9. He is afraid of the river and rarely bathes
10. He has three beautiful children whom he dotes upon

Aubrey Kane, Noblewoman

She carries the blade of the Emerald Razors
She is suceptible to attractive men
The majority of her wealth and power come from the Emerald Razors

She has underworld allies
She has access to a lot of information
The Governor favors her

Rumors – Common:
1. She is a known flirt among the upper class
2. Her family wealth decreased after the death of her father
3. She has more piercings than is fashionable
4. She dresses in finery and is very beautiful
5. She is shrewish
6. She holds contempt for the church and the clergy
7. Her cousin is Jaquetta Kane, the District Judge
8. She has underworld connections
9. She owns a messenger service which employs runners throughout the district
10. She is beloved of the city Governor

Rumors – Uncommon:
1. She wants to make Jacquetta Kane look bad
2. Jacquetta Kane inherited most of her father’s wealth on his death
3. She uses her messengers to intercept important communications
4. She owns The Wolf’s Tooth tavern, a seedy place
5. She has a large collection of duplicated seals for letters
6. She flatters men to gain their favor, but rarely means any of it
7. She leads the Emerald Razors gang
8. She carries a blade with a greenish tint
9. She is easily swayed by a pretty face
10. Most of her wealth stems from an unknown and probably criminal source