A Random Table for a Tabletop RPG

100 Magical Items of Varying Utility

100-Magical-Items-of-Varying-Utility-CoverThis post is available for FREE (pay-what-you-want) as a high-quality PDF – CLICK HERE

100 original magic items, many of which are barely useful, though some might inspire mighty quests to retrieve them!

Item-Generation-Pack-CoverThis is also available as part of an item generation bundle- CLICK HERE

Roll Name Type Description
1 Accident Rod Rod Hitting this rod against a metal object will cause someone within earshot to have an accident, probably fatal. After being struck, the rod will continue to softly vibrate and may not be used again for d12 hours
2 Aging Elixir Potion Age 1d10 years
3 Amulet of Freedom Amulet Stuffed Eagle Head, Negates all movement impairing effects for 1 round, including grapples and over-encumbrance, 50 charges
4 Ancient Spade Shovel This shovel can dig through any natural substance as if it were mere dirt. It’s magical properties cannot be used as a weapon
5 Arrival Pot Pot A 1 foot tall ceramic pot that will make a loud announcement when something moves too close it it. Usually used to announce visitors to a household.
6 Arrow Magnet Amulet Whenever an arrow is fired in the vicinity of this amulet’s wearer, it will strike the amulet wearer
7 Bear Urine Extract Potion Morph into a bear for d20 minutes, transformation potentially fatal
8 Bell Stone Rock When struck, this rock will ring with the sound of a large bell
9 Blessed Lotion Lotion AC +2 for one day, +4 vs Undead
10 Blink Draught Potion Teleport to a location within line of sight and no more than 30’ away
11 Blistering Rod Rod Hitting this rod against a metal object will cause it to become very hot, possibly molten. If a creature wearing mundane armor is struck by this rod he will take 6 dmg and his armor will be destroyed. After being struck, the rod will continue to softly vibrate and may not be used again for d12 hours
12 Brightstone Gem This gem normally looks like quartz, but if left out in the sun for one day turns yellow like a topaz. Smacking it against something creates a blinding light and drains it of color.
13 Canine’s Drink Potion When fed to a dog it gains 2d6+2 temp HP and deals 2d6 dmg for 1 day
14 Caretaker’s Harp Harp Full sized harp. Reduces severity of travel encounters, but must be played constantly to have any effect
15 Cats’ Cube Box 2 item slots, appears empty if opened improperly
16 Climbing Tonic Potion Climbing skill set to 20 and fall damage reduced to 0 for 1 day
17 Color Bomb Potion Smash on the ground to release a large amount of swirling, colorful smoke. Anyone who sees the smoke is mesmerized by it for d4 rounds
18 Compulsive Whip Whip Any person whipped by this whip must follow the commands of its wielder for the next 5 minutes, so long as the victim is in the wielder’s line of sight. The victim takes 2 damage with each whipping
19 Confiding Pillow Pillow Will whisper secrets it its owner during the night
20 Crab Crown Crown Provides +2 AC when worn, but attracts the attention of crabs, who will come from nearby and cling to the wearer
21 Dagger of Lizard Control Dagger Functions as a normal dagger, but wielder may issue basic commands to small lizards
22 Dental Fife Fife Playing this fife also cleans the user’s teeth
23 Destroying Rod Rod Hitting this rod against a metal object, the nearest artificial structure will take massive damage, possibly destroying it entirely. After being struck, the rod will continue to softly vibrate and may not be used again for d12 hours
24 Device of Hatefulness Device Activating this device will cause all enemies present to prefer to target the device holder
25 Direction Staff Staff This walking stick ensures that whoever holds it instinctively knows which direction North lies
26 Drawing Rod Rod Hitting this rod against a metal object will compel any mortal or beast who hears the sounding of the rod to come to the area. After being struck, the rod will continue to softly vibrate and may not be used again for d12 hours
27 Druid’s Flute Flute Can mimic the call of six animals: Wolf, Wild Boar, Bear, Alligator, Eagle and Moose
28 Elusive Lantern Lantern The light from this lantern can only be seen by its carrier
29 Emergency Blade Dagger Once per day, when the owner of this dagger is attacked, the dagger will leap to its owner’s hand and slice the attacker for 3 DMG, interrupting the attack entirely
30 Energetic Goblet Goblet Drinking the entire contents of this goblet will afford +1 to the drinker’s next roll. May be refilled as a full action
31 Everburning Candle Candle This candle will never burn out, so it will always produce light
32 Extinguishing Tonic Potion Pour on ground to extinguish all fire, magical or otherwise, in a 50’ radius
33 Far-Flung Violin Violin When played, this violin can be clearly heard for several miles in all directions, but sounds as if it were merely across the room
34 Faucet Cloth Damp Rag Can be wrung out infinitely to produce foul tasting water
35 Firestone Gem This gem normally looks like quartz, but if allowed to absorb heat will change in color to resemble a bright orange garnet. When smashed against something, it is drained of color and will light that thing on fire.
36 Flaming Trumpet Trumpet When played, 1 in 6 chance to start a small fire in target area up to 15′ away
37 Gilded Throwing Knife Knife For every killing blow this knife lands, whoever has it on their person gains +1 to Dexterity. Resets at sunrise
38 Glowing Dart Dart Thrown. When it strikes a surface it glows with green light, illuminating a 10 foot area. may be collected and re-used
39 God Chime Small item Ringing this chime casts detect magic on the user
40 Gold Trimmed Scarf Mantle Wearing this scarf gives the character +5 to his max hit points.
41 Helpless Bandage Bandage A person bandaged with this item will be unable to do anything for themselves and will rely on others for everything. They will not remove the bandage until the wound is healed.
42 Ice Pipe Smoking Pipe When smoking this pipe, any smoke exhaled will be of sub zero temperature. It will deal d4 dmg to a living target.
43 Ill-Fated Necklace Necklace The wearer of this necklace has a general feeling that he is safe. The opposite is, in fact, the case. Any time something bad happens to the group, the wearer of this necklace bears the brunt of the misfortune
44 Ill-Fated Vest Vest The wearer of this vest will suffer critical failures on a natural d20 roll of 1-5
45 Imitative Deck Of Cards Deck of Cards Placing this deck of cards next to a mundane deck of cards will “attune” the Imitative deck to the mundane one. Whenever the mundane deck is shuffled, the imitative deck will match the new order of the mundane one. Used for cheating at cards.
46 Imitative Rope Rope 50′ of rope which can be controlled by simple hand gestures from its owner
47 Infernal Chain Mail Chainmail Reduces fire damage by d20 every time it is taken
48 Ink Quartz Rock Functions as an ink pot. To activate, press a long object tip first against the stone and the tip will be immediately covered in ink
49 Insect’s Brooch Jewelry Biting and stinging insects have a 75% chance to ignore you
50 Iron Ring Ring Any item held in the hand wearing this ring will function as an iron dagger
51 Judge Coin Coin If this coin is flipped to determine a dispute between two people, both parties will be forever bound by the outcome
52 Just Cauldron Cauldron A living creature who is boiled alive in this cauldron will either expire normally or will emerge unharmed. This is a test of that person’s guilt where a specific crime is concerned
53 Lake Paper Paper Whatever is written on this paper will only become visible if submerged in a lake or other large body of water
54 Lightning Beads Bead Ten beads. When thrown, a lightning bolt will erupt from the bead, hitting the closest object for d20 dmg
55 Lock Lotion Potion Rub into a non-magical lock to unlock
56 Looting Mask Mask Increases the value of any loot found, as well as the number of coins. Anyone found to possess it is immediately accused of a crime
57 Mortal Ladle Ladle Drinking the blood of a slain foe from this ladle will restore 4 HP
58 Muddled Mirror Hand Mirror This mirror is sentient and will attempt to show glimpses of anything its owner commands it to show, but it is easily flustered and is usually incapable of showing what it is commanded to. Only through severe beration and ridicule will it be able to muster the energy to show what it was commanded to show
59 Murmuring Mixture Potion May use own voice as source of limited telekinesis for 1 day (1 lb of force)
60 Noble Blouse Blouse The wearer of this blouse will, to all appearances, be of high birth and will be afforded the respect a noblewoman deserves. This includes the negative attention of rebels, dissenters, thieves, and other petty nobles demanding to know what house the wearer belongs to.
61 Notched Dagger Dagger If thrown, this dagger will never miss its target, dealing d4 damage and ignoring all armor
62 Octopoid Tunic Chestpiece When the wearer of this tunic submerges himself under water he quickly transforms into an octopus
63 Odious Kite Kite if this kite is flown, the area (and people) beneath is will be blighted with pustual growths
64 Onion Hoe Tool Wherever this hoe strikes soil, a buried onion will be revealed. Creates the onion from an equivalent mass of dirt.
65 Perpetual Rotating Disaster Top If this top is set spinning it will never stop on its own. As long as it spins, everyone nearby will be much more likely to suffer an accident of some sort [Critical failures on a d20 roll of 1-10]
66 Poison Fork Fork Any food eaten with this fork will be laden with poison
67 Poisonous Door Door This normal looking wooden door will poison anyone who attempt to open it without a key
68 Potion of Brief Invisibility Potion d2+1 rounds of invisibility
69 Potion of Sanity Potion Removes one instance of insanity or causes insanity if no insanity is present
70 Potion of the Angry Priest Potion Cleric may prepare +1 spell. Lasts 1 day
71 Rain Jug Jug This jug is 12 inches tall. However much liquid the jug is filled with will rain down across an area several miles wide over the next 12 hours. For example, if it has 4 inches of water in it, the area will receive 4 inches of rain, which would probably cause some flooding. If the jar is left empty, no rain will fall.
72 Record Club Club The names of all those killed by this club are magically inscribed into its surface, as is the name of the one who wielded it at the time of the killing
73 Religious Net Net This net will only ensnare those who do not follow a god, all others may easily disentangle themselves
74 Riveting Rod Rod Hitting this rod against a metal object will cause anyone who hears the sounding of the rod to freeze in place for 2 rounds. After being struck, the rod will continue to softly vibrate and may not be used again for d12 hours
75 Runed Arrow Arrow If it hits, target’s AC is reduced to 12 for duration of battle. Either way, arrow is destroyed
76 Sand Crown Crown When used (worn), this seemingly golden crown turns to sand and falls to the ground where it reforms into a crown. Any gold, silver, or copper item it is placed near will also gain this property. A coin would only turn to sand when it was being used (spent), etc.
77 Sarcastic Basket Basket This basket will make sarcastic remarks whenever it feels like it
78 Screamers’ Potion Potion Voice acts as a minor action ranged weapon of d6 dmg for 1 day
79 Shadowless Salve Lotion Shadow disappears for d4 days
80 Shell Paste Lotion Grow an exoskeleton for 1 hour, increasing AC by +1
81 Shield Kettle Kettle Drinking tea made with this kettle will grant the drinker +1 AC. The tea must be made with wormrose essence and the kettle will make 6 servings.
82 Shielding Orb Orb Floats around user’s head and completely blocks mundane ranged attacks which would have hit. Must decide before damage is rolled. Does not affect area attacks. Destroyed after 3 uses, but may be repaired by a blacksmith if taken in after only 2 uses
83 Shrimp Hatchet Hatchet A 1 inch long hatchet that packs the same punch as a hatchet of standard size
84 Signal Jewel Gem A pair of gems that can appear to be Amber, Emerald, or Ruby. Whoever holds one jewel can at any time change the color of the other jewel.
85 Sky Vest Clothing This vest will change color, predicting the weather for the next few hours
86 Sleeping Powder Powder Allows user to fall asleep under any circumstances, but only if they wish to. 10 doses
87 Soup Armor Chestpiece Any blood spilled from its wearer will not be blood at all, but delicious soup. It still hurts, though
88 Squalid Pouch Pouch Filled with an infinite amount of filth and ichor
89 Stink Juice Potion Smash on ground to cause a major distraction
90 Terror Rod Rod Hitting this rod against a metal object will cause anyone who hears the sounding of the rod to either flee or cower in terror for 1 round. After being struck, the rod will continue to softly vibrate and may not be used again for d12 hours
91 Titans’ Elixir Potion Restores d6+1 HP plus d6+1 Temporary HP
92 Tool Drum Drum This drum can be used in place of any basic tool. If it is played for an appropriate length of time the task requiring the tool will complete itself. The more difficult the task, the longer the drum must be played, starting at 1 minute. The player of the drum must have the ability to complete the task if he had the appropriate tool.
93 Trail Lute Lute If this lute is played by a skilled musician, he (an only he) will see a glowing trail appear, which leads to the subject of his song. If he stops playing the trail will vanish
94 Transgender Tincture Potion Change sex for 1d4 months
95 Treacherous Rope Rope Appears to be normal rope, but if used for climbing it will inevitably uncoil, plunging its user to his death
96 Troll Leather Armor Armor As chainmail, unencumbering
97 Waterstone Gem This gem normally looks like quartz, but if allowed to absorb water will change color to resemble a deep blue sapphire. When clasped against one’s chest, it is drained of color and will restore 3 HP. It must drink enough water for a medium humanoid to charge and can only be used once a day.
98 Whore Bracelet Bracelet This bracelet marks its wearer out as a prostitute, but also increases Charisma by +2
99 Worm Amulets Amulet A pair of amulets which must be worn by two separate people. If one of the wearers is killed, he will instead be spared and the other wearer of the amulet will die in his place
100 Yellow Shield Shield Shield +2, Emblazoned with the yellow sign, unknown curse [Once per session PC must succeed wisdom check or GM controls their character for one round]
A Random Table for a Tabletop RPG

Weird Shit Generator (Fantasy)

Weird-Shit-Generator-(Fantasy)-CoverThis post is available for FREE (pay-what-you-want) as a high-quality PDF – CLICK HERE

This series of tables are meant to be used together to create very strange objects, creatures and places, reminiscent of the objects, creatures and places in the SCP Foundation. If you are unfamiliar with it, I would recommend checking out the website here as it is filled with hours and hours if very interesting reading material! Either way, the tables below will help you create some really fucked up shit to confuse, intrigue, and even terrify your players.

The below “mad-libs” style sentence will help you understand your random results. Whenever you see a [bold] word in the sentence, it refers to the random table of the same name. All you have to do is roll on that table and insert the result into the sentence at that point!

This [type] comes from [origin] and is made of [composition]. It reproduces or
grows via [reproduction / growth]. It [special property] and [special property].
It [verb] and it [verb].

Remember, not every part of the above sentence needs to be included in everything you generate; maybe this thing doesn’t reproduce / grow, maybe you don’t find the verbs at the end helpful, etc. Use these tables however you want to!


Type d3 & d100
Amulet 1
Animal 2
Anvil 3
Arrow 4
Awl 5
Baby 6
Backpack 7
Bag 8
Ball 9
Bandage 10
Bandana 11
Bangle 12
Banner 13
Barding 14
Barrel 15
Basement 16
Basin 17
Basket 18
Battle Axe 19
Bedroll 20
Beer 21
Belt 22
Beret 23
Blacksmith tools 24
Blanket 25
Blouse 26
Blowgun 27
Bone 28
Book 29
Boots 30
Boulder 31
Bow 32
Box 33
Bracelet 34
Bracer 35
Brazier 36
Bucket 37
Buckle 38
Cage 39
Caltrops 40
Candle 41
Canteen 42
Castle 43
Cauldron 44
Cave 45
Censer 46
Chain 47
Chalk 48
Chest 49
Child 50
Chisel 51
City 52
Climbing gear 53
Cloak 54
Clock 55
Cloth 56
Clothing 57
Club 58
Coal 59
Coif 60
Coin 61
Collar 62
Comb 63
Cork 64
Cowbell 65
Crate 66
Crevasse 67
Crib 68
Crown 69
Crutches 70
Cube 71
Cuirass 72
Cup 73
Curtain 74
Cushion 75
Dagger 76
Deck of Cards 77
Desk 78
Die 79
Dirk 80
Doll 81
Door 82
Doorway 83
Drawing 84
Dress 85
Drink 86
Drinking Glass 87
Drum 88
Dungeon 89
Earring 90
Egg 91
Fan 92
Farm 93
Feather 94
Fife 95
Flag 96
Flint and iron 97
Flower 98
Flute 99
Forest 100
Fork 101
Garrote 102
Gem 103
Girdle 104
Gloves 105
Goblet 106
Grappling hook 107
Greaves 108
Hammer 109
Handsaw 110
Harp 111
Harpoon 112
Hat 113
Hatchet 114
Healer’s Kit 115
Helmet 116
Hoe 117
Hood 118
Hook 119
Horn 120
Hourglass 121
Human Head 122
Humanoid Creature 123
Incense 124
Ingot 125
Ink 126
Jar 127
Javelin 128
Jelly 129
Jewel 130
Juice 131
Kettle 132
Kettledrum 133
Key 134
Kite 135
Knife 136
Kopis 137
Ladder 138
Ladle 139
Lake 140
Lamp 141
Lantern 142
Leather Armor 143
Liquid 144
Lock 145
Lockpicks 146
Loom 147
Lute 148
Mace 149
Man 150
Manacles 151
Mask 152
Matchbox 153
Medicine 154
Mine 155
Mirror 156
Mitten 157
Mold 158
Mortar & Pestle 159
Mountain 160
Mug 161
Musical Instrument 162
Nail 163
Napkin 164
Necklace 165
Needle 166
Net 167
Note 168
Novel 169
Oil 170
Orchard 171
Outpost 172
Package 173
Painting 174
Pan 175
Pants 176
Paper 177
Park 178
Pick 179
Piece of Cake 180
Pillow 181
Pin 182
Pipes 183
Pitchfork 184
Pocket Knife 185
Poem 186
Poison 187
Pond 188
Pot 189
Potion 190
Pouch 191
Preserved Organ 192
Prison Cell 193
Prybar 194
Pyramid 195
Quarterstaff 196
Quartz 197
Quilt 198
Quiver 199
Rake 200
Rations 201
Rattle 202
Recipe 203
Region 204
Ribbon 205
Ring 206
River 207
Robe 208
Rock 209
Rod 210
Rolling Pin 211
Room 212
Rope 213
Ruin 214
Sabre 215
Sack 216
Sandals 217
Sarcophagus 218
Sash 219
Satchel 220
Saw 221
Scabbard 222
Scale 223
Scarf 224
Scimitar 225
Scroll 226
Scroll case 227
Scythe 228
Seal 229
Sentence 230
Series of Numbers 231
Shawl 232
Shears 233
Sheath 234
Sheet Music 235
Shell 236
Shield 237
Ship 238
Shoes 239
Shortsword 240
Shovel 241
Skirt 242
Sling 243
Smell 244
Soap 245
Sound 246
Soup 247
Spade 248
Spear 249
Sphere 250
Spike 251
Spoon 252
Spring 253
Spring of Water 254
Staff 255
Statue 256
Statuette 257
Stick 258
Stone 259
Stool 260
Sundial 261
Sword 262
Symbol 263
Tabard 264
Tent 265
Thimble 266
Tobacco Pipe 267
Tongs 268
Torch 269
Totem 270
Towel 271
Town 272
Tray 273
Tree 274
Trident 275
Tunic 276
Unknown Machinery 277
Vase 278
Vault 279
Vest 280
Vial 281
Vice 282
Village 283
Virus 284
Volcano 285
Wagon 286
Wand 287
War Hammer 288
Warship 289
Waterskin 290
Well 291
Whetstone 292
Whip 293
Whistle 294
Windchime 295
Window 296
Wine 297
Woman 298
Wrench 299
Writing equipment 300


Origin d100
A Bag Of Holding 1-2
A Battlefield 3-4
A Cave Filled With Wonders 5-6
A Clear Pool Of Water 7-8
A Closet 9-10
A Cult’s Commune 11-12
A Dream 13-14
A Factory 15-16
A Gutter In An Alley 17-18
A Haunted House 19-20
A Hoarder’s Closet 21-22
A Lone Inventor 23-24
A Madman’s Disheveled Home 25-26
A Meteor 27-28
A Mine Shaft 29-30
A Missing House 31-32
A Mundane Object Which Gained Special Properties 33-34
A Novel 35-36
A Pile Of Garbage 37-38
A Prison 39-40
A Ship 41-42
A Small Town 43-44
A Summoning Circle 45-46
A Tomb 47-48
A Tree 49-50
A Unique Plant That Only Grows In One Place 51-52
A Warehouse 53-54
An Abandoned Journal 55-56
An Abandoned Shrine 57-58
An Abandoned Warehouse 59-60
An Asylum 61-62
Another Dimension 63-64
Another Planet 65-66
Inside Of A Dragon 67-68
Inside Of A Human 69-70
Outer Space 71-72
The Bottom Of A Barrel 73-74
The Bottom Of A Pit Trap 75-76
The Brain Of A Genius 77-78
The Center Of A Labyrinth 79-80
The Clutches Of A Zombie 81-82
The End Of A Rainbow 83-84
The Frozen North 85-86
The Grave Of A Famous Person 87-88
The Moon 89-90
The Mysterious East 91-92
The Savages To The South 93-94
The Swamp 95-96
Under The Floorboards 97-98
Underground 99-100


Composition d100
Animal Body Parts 1-2
Animal Horn 3-4
Blood 5-6
Bone 7-8
Bread 9-10
Brick 11-12
Ceramic 13-14
Coal 15-16
Coins 17-18
Coral 19-20
Cork 21-22
Earth 23-24
Fabric 25-26
Feathers 27-28
Feces 29-30
Fire 31-32
Flesh 33-34
Food 35-36
Gears 37-38
Glass 39-40
Gold 41-42
Hair 43-44
Human Body Parts 45-46
Ice 47-48
Lead 49-50
Leather 51-52
Light 53-54
Living People 55-56
Memories 57-58
Metal 59-60
Mold 61-62
Music 63-64
Organs 65-66
Paper 67-68
Plant Fibers 69-70
Plant-life 71-72
Quartz 73-74
Salt 75-76
Sand 77-78
Shadow 79-80
Smoke 81-82
Soap 83-84
Stone 85-86
Tumors 87-88
Twine 89-90
Water 91-92
Wax 93-94
Wind 95-96
Wood 97-98
Yarn 99-100

Reproduction / Growth

Reproduction / Growth d20
Being Struck By Lightning 1
Cellular Division 2
Choosing A Successor 3
Commandeering The Production Of Something Else 4
Impregnating Humans 5
Infecting The Living 6
Interdimensional Translocation 7
Laying Eggs 8
Possessing The Living 9
Religious Worship 10
The Assistance Of Affected Living Beings 11
The Consumption Of The Living 12
The Conversion Of Water 13
The Creation Of Seeds 14
The Disassembly Of Its Environment 15
The Syphoning Of Heat Energy 16
The Voluntary Sacrifice Of Living Beings 17
Time Travel 18
Unobserved Methods 19
Violently Exploding 20

Special Property

Special Property d100
Acts As A Beacon 1
Ages Living Beings 2
Alters A Living Being’s Personality 3
Appears Wherever The PCs Are 4
Attracts A Powerful Creature 5
Attracts All Liquid Blood 6
Attracts Swarms Of Rats 7
Becomes The Subject Of Everyone’s Dreams 8
Becomes Transparent In Sunlight 9
Bolsters Defenses 10
Brings Memories To Life 11
Causes Weight Loss 12
Causes Comas 13
Causes Critical Failures 14
Causes Critical Successes 15
Causes Earthquakes 16
Causes Explosions 17
Causes Fear 18
Causes Humans To Switch Minds 19
Causes Insanity 20
Causes Intoxication 21
Causes Levitation 22
Causes Limb Regrowth 23
Causes Living Beings To Be Submissive 24
Causes Living Beings To Bleed From Every Orifice 25
Causes Permanent Phobias 26
Causes Projectile Vomiting 27
Causes Rapid Hair Growth 28
Causes Rapid Injury Healing 29
Causes Rapid Skin Flaking 30
Causes Severe Fatigue 31
Causes Snow To Fall, Even Indoors 32
Causes Suffocation 33
Causes Total Blindness 34
Causes Tumors To Rapidly Form 35
Causes Unconsciousness 36
Causes Vivid Hallucinations 37
Causes Weight Gain 38
Changes The Perception Of Self 39
Contains/Causes A Portal To Another Place 40
Controls Animals 41
Controls Living Beings 42
Creates Darkness 43
Creates Deserts 44
Creates Insects 45
Cures Insanity 46
Drains Life From Magic Users 47
Emanates Banging And Screaming Sounds From Within 48
Emits Thick Smoke 49
Empowers Animals 50
Erases Memories 51
Evokes Extreme Violence In Living Beings 52
Exists Inside Of A Living Being 53
Fills With Mindless Euphoria 54
Freezes When Hot And Thaws When Cold 55
Gives Animals The Power Of Speech 56
Heals Humans 57
Imbues Living Beings With Strength 58
Imprisons Living Beings 59
Increases Probability Of Lucid Dreaming 60
Increases The Growth Rate Of Nearby Plant Life 61
Inspires Bloodlust In Humans 62
Is Immortal 63
Is Inhabited By Sentient Beings 64
Is Sentient 65
Is Unbreakable 66
Is Very Alluring 67
Kills With A Touch 68
Makes Living Beings Visible Through Solid Materials 69
Makes Weather Patterns Change In Extremes 70
Maximizes Magical Effects 71
Melds Into Living Beings 72
Minimizes Magical Effects 73
Mutates Living Beings 74
Opens Dimensional Gateways 75
Permanently Marks Living Beings 76
Prevents Dehydration 77
Protects Living Beings From Harm 78
Provides Nourishment If Eaten 79
Reacts When Touched By Living Being 80
Repels Entities / Enemies 81
Resurrects The Dead 82
Reverses Magic Targeting 83
Saps Strength From Living Beings 84
Shears Away Limbs 85
Shrinks Living Beings 86
Spawns Creatures 87
Spawns Doppelgangers 88
Spreads Disease 89
Stains Anything It Touches 90
Starts Fires 91
Stops Time 92
Suffocates Living Beings 93
Summons Creatures 94
Teleports Nearby Objects 95
Trees Grow Near It 96
Turns Eyes Entirely Black 97
Turns Flesh To Wood 98
Turns Water Into Acid 99
Twists And Then Grants Wishes 100


Verb d100
Abuses 1
Activates 2
Ages 3
Alerts 4
Analyzes 5
Arouses 6
Ascends 7
Asks 8
Aspires 9
Attaches 10
Attacks 11
Awakens 12
Baits 13
Barks 14
Basks 15
Bathes 16
Bellows 17
Betrays 18
Bickers 19
Bites 20
Blames 21
Blinds 22
Blinks 23
Blooms 24
Breaks 25
Burns 26
Charms 27
Climbs 28
Complicates 29
Confides 30
Constructs 31
Crawls 32
Cries 33
Dangles 34
Darts 35
Defeats 36
Detects 37
Devours 38
Disrupts 39
Drifts 40
Drips 41
Eats 42
Echoes 43
Enjoys 44
Enllarges 45
Evaluates 46
Excites 47
Explodes 48
Exposes 49
Flashes 50
Flies 51
Follows 52
Forgives 53
Freezes 54
Gathers 55
Gnaws 56
Gurgles 57
Hastens 58
Hates 59
Illuminates 60
Implodes 61
Imprisons 62
Incubates 63
Leaps 64
Lies 65
Limits 66
Listens 67
Loves 68
Mimics 69
Moans 70
Mutilates 71
Mutters 72
Perceives 73
Pleases 74
Plots 75
Prohibits 76
Pulses 77
Purrs 78
Recites 79
Refreshes 80
Refuels 81
Restrains 82
Rolls 83
Rumbles 84
Scolds 85
Scours 86
Screams 87
Screeches 88
Serves 89
Smells 90
Speaks 91
Stores 92
Sucks 93
Thrives 94
Transcends 95
Transforms 96
Unravels 97
Vomits 98
Walks 99
Writes 100

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Setting Fodder for Tabletop RPGs

The Pantheon (Gods & Clerics)

I created a pantheon of gods a while ago for a Tabletop RPG I was working on. I haven’t done much with the game, but I liked the gods I came up with, so I thought I would share them. I’ve also included potential traits for the clerics who worship these gods. I would pick one or two personality traits instead of using all of them, though!

BONUS: There are 8 personality traits available for each god’s clerics, so roll a d8 for a random result.

Jorac, Ruler of the Gods [jor-ac]

Race Sired: Humans
Primary Domains: Empires and Punishment
Secondary Domains: Battle Strategy, Hearth, Home, Chastity, Marriage, Heirs
Cleric Personality Traits: Domineering, Dutiful, Power-Hungry, Clever, Conformist, Vengeful, Arrogant, Racist
Cleric Physical Features: Tall, Attractive and Charming
Cleric Mechanical Changes: Natural leader, Charisma increased
Notes: Only humans may worship Jorac. He is a pretty racist god.

Teorn, God of the Underworld [tay-orn]

Race Sired: Dwarves
Primary Domains: The Dead, the Arts and Construction
Secondary Domains: Regret, Crafts, Peace, Music, Dark Places, The Light
Cleric Personality Traits: Protective, Virtuous, Adaptive, Musical, Trustworthy, Sincere, Pacifistic, Honest
Cleric Physical Features: Short and Muscular
Cleric Mechanical Changes: Saving throws improved
Notes: Teorn is imprisoned in the center of the planet for making the first non-human race, starting a trend which Jorac hates.

Yneris, Wife of Jorac, Goddess of the Road [eye-nayr-is]

Race Sired: Elves
Primary Domains: Knowledge and Trade
Secondary Domains: Travel, Communication, Language, Writing, Wisdom, Intelligence
Cleric Personality Traits: Empathetic, Proper, Tolerant, Self-Involved, Naive, Greedy, Intelligent, Elitist
Cleric Physical Features: Tall and Lithe
Cleric Mechanical Changes: Better trade deals. Good at learning secrets

Vylvi, Goddess of the Sea [vil-vee]

Race Sired: Merfolk
Primary Domains: The Sea, Weather and Love
Secondary Domains: Rivers, Floods, Droughts, Sky, Thunder, Lightning, Wind, Beauty
Cleric Personality Traits: Fierce, Altruistic, Predatory, Flashy, Casually Violent, Tactless, Soothing, Temperamental
Cleric Physical Features: Entirely Hairless, Intimidatingly Beautiful, and covered in tattoos
Cleric Mechanical Changes: Cannot drown. Is less likely to be targeted in combat
Notes: The tattoos appear on their own and may change as time goes on

Hycinis, God of Nature [high-sin-us]

Race Sired: Halflings
Primary Domains: The Harvest, the Hunt and Gossip
Secondary Domains: Grain, Agriculture, Growth, Nourishment, Animals, Archery
Cleric Personality Traits: Nurturing, Cautious, Compassionate, Formal, Judgemental, Vindictive, Small-Minded, Nosy
Cleric Physical Features: Short and Heavyset
Cleric Mechanical Changes: Natural healing twice as fast

Fane, God of War [fay-n]

Race Sired: Orcs
Primary Domains: War, Metalworking and Poetry
Secondary Domains: Bloodshed, Violence, Fire, Prophecy
Cleric Personality Traits: Cruel, Malicious, Destructive, Poetic, Honorable, Meticulous, Simple, Vainglorious
Cleric Physical Features: Muscled and Hairy
Cleric Mechanical Changes: Crafting yields better results. Natural armor +1

Heusius, God of Healing [hue-see-us]

Race Sired: Monsters (all of ’em)
Primary Domains: Madness, Lust and Healing
Secondary Domains: Plague, Childbirth, Desire, Jealousy, Chaos
Cleric Personality Traits: Mischievous, Lustful, Treacherous, Deranged, Jealous, Self-Loathing, Daredevil, Chaotic
Cleric Physical Features: Deformed in some way
Cleric Mechanical Changes: Max HP increased
Notes: He created monsters by getting it on with various animals / beings

Astala Goddess of Contradictions [ass-tal-uh]

Race Sired: Nymphs and Satyrs
Primary Domains: Order and Drunkenness
Secondary Domains: Contradictions, Law, Justice, Wilderness, Wine, Parties, Drugs, Ecstasy
Cleric Personality Traits: Dutiful, Amoral, Drunken, Obsessive, Protective, Fanatical, Just, Promiscuous
Cleric Physical Features: Very Attractive, Brilliant Gold Eyes
Cleric Mechanical Changes: Guards and criminals are more trusting


A Random Table for a Tabletop RPG

Random Minor Potions

Every so often when I’m GMing a tabletop RPG session I like to throw my players an interesting magical potion of situational value, and I have gathered them here in an easy to use list. Roll a d12 and go nuts!

This one is red. It is a red potion. A red potion for a tabletop gaming session. It tastes like bananas. Red bananas.

  1. Potion of Sanity – Remove one type of insanity or cause insanity if sane
  2. Lock Lotion – Rub into non-magical lock to unlock
  3. Transgender Tincture – Change sex for 1d4 months
  4. Shell Paste – Grow a horrifying exoskeleton for 1 hour, increasing AC by +1
  5. Blink Draught – Teleport to a location within line of sight and no more than 30’ away
  6. Bear Urine Extract – Morph into a bear for d20 minutes. Potentially fatal
  7. Extinguishing Tonic – Pour on ground to extinguish all fire in a 50’ radius
  8. Aging Elixir – Age 1d10 years
  9. Potion of Brief Invisibility – d2+1 rounds of invisibility
  10. Shadowless Salve – Shadow disappears for d4 days
  11. Murmuring Mixture – Voice is source of limited telekinesis for 1 day (1 lb of force)
  12. Stink Juice – Smash on ground to cause a major distraction