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Mundane Loot Tables By Wealth Level (Fantasy)

Mudstead – City Map and NPCs

A Random Table for a Tabletop RPG

Random Minor Potions

Every so often when I’m GMing a tabletop RPG session I like to throw my players an interesting magical potion of situational value, and I have gathered them here in an easy to use list. Roll a d12 and go nuts!

This one is red. It is a red potion. A red potion for a tabletop gaming session. It tastes like bananas. Red bananas.

  1. Potion of Sanity – Remove one type of insanity or cause insanity if sane
  2. Lock Lotion – Rub into non-magical lock to unlock
  3. Transgender Tincture – Change sex for 1d4 months
  4. Shell Paste – Grow a horrifying exoskeleton for 1 hour, increasing AC by +1
  5. Blink Draught – Teleport to a location within line of sight and no more than 30’ away
  6. Bear Urine Extract – Morph into a bear for d20 minutes. Potentially fatal
  7. Extinguishing Tonic – Pour on ground to extinguish all fire in a 50’ radius
  8. Aging Elixir – Age 1d10 years
  9. Potion of Brief Invisibility – d2+1 rounds of invisibility
  10. Shadowless Salve – Shadow disappears for d4 days
  11. Murmuring Mixture – Voice is source of limited telekinesis for 1 day (1 lb of force)
  12. Stink Juice – Smash on ground to cause a major distraction